Battery strapping sets

Battery strapping sets

Battery strapping sets contain a wide range of quality but affordable battery strapping sets for PET and PP straps. In a battery strapping set you get:

  • battery strapping tool
  • battery (in same sets 2x battery) + charger
  • PET or PP strap (all sorts of sizes, 12mm, 15mm, 16mm, 19mm)
  • dispenser for PP or PET strap

Battery strapping tools in a set have a 12-month warranty and are serviced in Europe. Battery strapping tools and battery strapping sets have Free shipping. We sell only inside the European Union and we offer you the best prices on the European Union market.

Battery strapping sets – everything that you need to start with packing

Battery strapping sets are pre-prepared sets which include everything that you need to start packing. The battery banding set includes battery strapping toolbattery or two batteries for the battery strapping tool, charger for the batteries, plastic PET or PP strap (different widths of which you can choose from), and dispenser cart for the PP or PET strap. When your battery strapping set is delivered, you can immediately start packing.

Price of battery strapping sets

The cost for a battery strapping sets is lower than the cost if you buy all the components separately. Additionally, when buying the set, you also get free delivery, which otherwise, except for the battery strapping tool is not included.  The return on investment can be seen within months when you consider the time saved during packing, increased packing production and direct savings on the cost of clips (when packing with battery strapping tool you don’t need clips). The prices of battery strapping tools vary from a thousand four hundred euros to a few thousand euros. This depends on the battery strapping tool that is included – automated (automatic tensioning, friction welding and cutting) or semi-automated and on the type of plastic strap (PET or PP strap).

What is included in a battery strapping set?

Battery strapping tool, battery, and a charger

Battery strapping tool set PET strap + dispenser + battery + charger

Included in the new battery strapping tools is a battery or two and a charger for the batteries. There any many different battery strapping tools out there, therefore, you have to choose which battery banding tool is the most suitable for your needs. To choose the best battery strapping set, first, you need to decide how wide strap you need and based on that you can choose which battery strapping tool should be included in the set.

We have battery strapping tools that cover all dimensions of plastic straps – from 10mm all the way to 19mm. Then you have to decide if you want a fully automated packing solution, which means that battery strapping tool will have an automatic tension, and it will weld and cut the strap. Another question is how strong the battery banding tool you need should be. This also depends on the strap width. We have battery strapping tools with maximum tension force up to 4000 N.

PET or PP plastic strap

Each battery strapping set contains one coil of either PET or PP plastic strap. We pre-prepared battery strapping sets with different strap width and types. Please choose sets that best suits your needs. The PET strap offers maximum power and best maintains the bond strength and tensile strength of all other plastic strips.

Most often it is used for heavy loads which require a solid and strained bond for safe transport of products or storage. The low cost of a PET strap compared to steel strap and similar capacity convinced many manufacturers and transporters so much that they prefer to use PET strap instead of a steel strap.

The polyester strap can be connected manually, using battery strapping tool or manual tool. PET strap is easy to recycle. PP strap or polypropylene is an economical material with light and medium-heavy load capacity, for strapping pallets and boxes. It is available in different widths, thicknesses, and variations of polymers (e.g., copolymers).

PP or PET strap dispenser cart

High-quality PET/PP strap dispenser cart - 405/406

Strap dispenser cart for PP and PET strap allows you to move battery strapping equipment all over the place. When using the strapping dispenser cart you speed up packing process and increase productivity, since PET or PP strap can quickly unfold from the strap dispenser cart. Dispenser cart allows you to store the strap on it and when needed immediately start with packing.

Why we need battery strapping sets?

MB820 battery hand tool 16-19mm (5/8" to 3/4") banding tool for PET and PP strap w/ Battery & Charger

Battery strapping sets are perfect packing solution for new manufactures or workshops, which don’t already have any packing component that is included in the set. Also, for companies which would like to modernize their packing process and don’t have time to source for each packing component separately.

When buying a battery banding set, you will save some money, because if you sum all the components that are included in the battery strapping set, it’s more expensive to buy them separately. Additionally, we offer free shipping on every battery strapping set and one-year warranty.

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