PET, PP, Textile strap and adhesive tape

Plastic PET Polyester strap & Plastic PP polypropylene strap

Packaging with PET plastic band is very reliable, polyester straps (PET) are better and but expensive than polypropylene band (PP). Basically, it is considered that PET straps with the same dimensions 2x are stronger than PP strap. When considering which plastic strap you should choose, it depends on the weight of the load, how stable it should be, what is your price range and in what conditions the goods will be transported and lastly what are you transporting.

Composite corded strap & Textile strap

Packaging with composite tape is high quality and comfortable. The composite tape is used as a substitute for steel strips, as it is cheaper, lighter and safer to handle. The same can be said for the textile strap. The main difference between the corded/composite strap and textile strap is that composite strap is more robust and less flexible and it can hold more force for the same strap width.

Adhesive HOT MELT tape BOPP 48mm/66m brown and transparent

We are offering only high-quality adhesive Hot Melt tapes (BOPP). The length is 66m and they are 48mm wide. Adhesive tapes are German production and can withstand temperature from + 60 ° C to – 20 ° C and are for boxes and packages which weight up to 60kg.

Plastic PET strap 12mm, 16mm and 19mm for packing pallets cheapPlastic PET Polyester band

We offer only high-quality polyester straps they are characterized by high breaking strength in combination with a good recovering capacity and a high resistance against an impact load. Plastic PET bands can be used for strapping pallets or other packages. For productive packing, we suggest to use them in combination with battery strapping tool or other packing machines. Especially with heavy-duty applications and long-term storage and/or transport this strap guarantees the highest possible stability of the load.

Plastic PP strap 12 and 16mm for packing pallets low price high qualityPlastic PP polypropylene band

This polypropylene strap can be used with strapping machines or manual or battery strapping tools. Available are in widths of 12 to 16 mm and thicknesses of 0,55 mm to 0,8 mm in black color. Depending on the size, PP straps are available on a core of 406 mm with 2000 to 3000 meters per reel.

Composite corded strap 16mm, 19mm or 25mm cheap clipsComposite corded band for packing

Composite bands are a great substitute for steel straps. This strap consists of extruded polyester wires that are glued together giving this strap an extremely high breakage strength. The strap is often implemented in places where, for example, the strapping is subjected to excessive strain during transport. This strap is also very resistant to chemicals and UV-rays. This type of strap is applied manually with metal wire clasps.

Textile band for strapping

Textile straps 16mm or 19mm price high quality

Textile strap consists of woven polyester wires. They are more flexible than composite straps, but they can be also used as a substitute for steel straps. The strap has a high breaking strength and is very supple, safe to use and moisture and waterproof. The strap does not cut, can be re-used and can be used with or without clasps.

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