Semi automatic & automatic packing machines

Semi-automatic and automatic packing machines

These are high-quality but affordable semi-automatic and automatic packing. We have strapping machines for strapping with Polypropylene (PP) strap for all kinds of sizes from 5mm to 15mm. Automatic and semi-automatic packing machine have ISO and other needed certificates. The price of the semi-automatic & automatic packing machine varies from a few hundred to a few thousand euros. The price of a semi-automatic strapping machine depends on a few factors. The semi-automatic strapping machine will increase your productivity and speed up the packing process. Additionally, it is employee friendly and safe to use.

Semi-automatic and automatic strapping machines are made out of high-quality materials. They make the packing line more productive and can speed up packing time for more than five times. Automatic and semi-automatic machines are built from quality materials and can last for years and years. By investing in them you will save on the cost of packaging. You will save on labor costs, as you will reduce the time your employees have to spend on packing, and you will also save on packaging materials such as packing clips, seals. We offer cheap shipping to all EU countries plus Norway and SwitzerlandBest price on the EU market. We sell only inside EU.

Semi-automatic strapping machines

HIPO semi-automatic strapping machine 5-15mm (3/16" to 9/16") banding machine for plastic PP strap

Semi-automatic strapping machines are mostly used with Polypropylene Strap. The semi-automatic machine provides fast packaging and strapping with plastic Polypropylene strap. Plastic PP tape is inserted below the machine, which is wrapped around the package on the machine table. The semi-automatic machine enables quick and easy strapping of the packages.

Packing machines are stable and provide reliable and efficient packaging. Special training for workers on operating a semi-automatic machine is not necessary. Our best-selling semi-automatic strapping machine (HIPO model) can be used for bonding PP strips of different widths (from 5mm to 15mm). The machine is very robust and does not require much for maintenance. Both the use of the semi-automatic strapping machine and the replacement of the strap are very simple. Semi-automatic HIPO machines for bonding PP tape are very quiet due to modern DC motorelectronic voltage control, and are also suitable for thinner PP tapes. In addition, half automatic machines are safe to handle and you do not need special training for workers to use them. An important advantage of our semi-automatic machines is also to automatically adjust the tension of the strap to prevent damage to softer packages and to better protect larger products. The machine is fairly narrow, so it can be easily moved through close spaces and is robust enough to be used under any conditions. Safety at work, ease of use, efficiency and time-saving packaging, and quality are therefore excellences, we attach to our semi-automatic packaging machines.

Semi-automatic strapping machine price

Semi automatic plastic strapping machine for PP strap

The price for semi-automatic strapping machine depends on multiple factors, however, the return on investment can be expected within months, when you consider the time saved during packagingincreased packing productivity and direct savings on the cost of clips, seals. Additionally, employees will be more satisfied, since you will make their job easier and safer.

The prices of semi-automatic strapping machines vary from eight hundred to more than a thousand euros or in some cases few thousand euros. The price of the half-automatic (semi-automatic) strapping machine depends on qualitystabilitymobility (does machine have wheels?) and strap width.

How to use semi-automatic strapping machine

  • Turn the Power switch on semi-automatic banding machine on.
  • Then you need to adjust the strap feeding and strap tension.
  • To adjust the feeding, you need to press the “Feed button”, the longer you press the button, and the longer the strap will be.
  • If the half-automatic strapping machine is not at the home position, press the HOME button so that the machine will return to its home position.
  • Semi-automated banding machine has a high safety standard, if the top of the semi-automated banding machine is opened, the machine will stop running automatically.
  • How to use semi-automatic plastic strapping tool PP strap?When you have a plastic strap in the machine, you need to pull the plastic strap out from the strap reel and check whether the strap head is down (if not, then you need to change the side of strap reel), thread straps out from the bottom of pulley A and from the top of pulley B.
  • Then thread the strap through wheel C and thread it upwards to the strap slot D which is on the bottom board firstly, then thread it upwards along the guide roll to the distance between rollers. Press the FEED button, then the straps will dispense automatically.

Polypropylene semi-automated strapping machine

The semi-automatic strapping machine uses Polypropylene or shorter PP strap. The width of the strap can vary. Most semi-automatic machines cover width from 5mm and up to 15mm. On some models, even wider strap can be used.

Semi-automatic Pallet wrapper machines

These are semi-automatic pallet machines that apply a stretch film (plastic film) around the pallet to protect it during transport, stabilize the load and preserve it in store. All the semi-automatic pallet wrapper machines an extend plastic film, a flexible material that permits stable wrapping of a pallet with no danger of overturning or challenges in movement or deliveries. To pick the most reasonable machine among the distinctive sorts of semi-automatic machines, it is important to apply to our specialists for the best advice. For ease of this process, the client is to provide us with information for the type of operations to be carried out with the machine.

The profitability and the kind of item that the machine is used to package is likewise required. It will be conceivable to assess the ideal design of the machine. The utilization of the film in the semi-automatic pallet wrapper machines must happen under the supervision and of the user or the administrator. As the machine is semi-automatic, the onus falls on the user to position the pallet or bed and secure it with the required film. After this, the machine takes care of the subsequent preprogrammed wrapping cycle. After the machine has finished its part, it is again up to the user to cut the film from the package and remove it from the machine to end the packaging or in this case the wrapping cycle.

Automatic Carton Sealer

The Automatic Carton Sealer is great for speed and efficiency! The Automatic Carton Sealer packing machine automates the process of gluing the tape to the top and bottom of the box. The productivity of the packaging increases, the number of packed boxes per minute usually increases by several times. An automatic box-closing machine with adhesive tape is easy to use and can be operated by a person without prior professional training. Suitable for adhesive tapes of width from 48mm to 72mm and for boxes or packages of the length of at least 150mm, width between 120 and 480mm, and height between 120 and 480mm.  As regards to providing an in-line answer to carton erecting and sealing, this machine can do it all for you. With a heavy duty frame and a 4 column support structure, they are a long lasting investment for your production line. The machine is developed for sealing cartons and for the purpose of sealing cartons only.

HIPO PRO High-speed Strapping Machine

We sell three different High speed Automatic Strapping Machine suitable for 5-6mm, 8-9mm, and 10-11mm wide PP strap. Select which machine you need and proceed with an order or send an inquiry. If HIPO PRO High speed Automatic Strapping Machine desired width won’t be at stock we will let you know the delivery time. The HIPO PRO is a rapid tying machine intended to build profitability and lessen machine downtime. Whenever started, the lash is pulled around the bundle at that point fixed to the exact strain, the plastic tie is then warmed, fixed and squeezed to make the most ideal seal all in roughly 1.2 seconds.

The HIPO PRO is a high-speed strapping machine with very low upkeep lashing head with insignificant moving parts that lessen mechanical glitches that occur due to part failure or wear. All body components can be effortlessly detached to get to the lashing head, electrical box, and strap pool territory. The HIPO PRO can be altered to best accommodate your bundling condition. It is equipped for decreasing the machine downtime caused by loop changes, accordingly, expanding work output. To help hold the expense down, its loops utilize less pressing material in contrast with standard curls, in this manner, making extra sparing as far as material expense. Compact design with external dispenser, standard arch size 650×500 mm (other dimensions on request and with surcharge), up to 50 strappings per minute, for PP strap, 5-12 mm. Tension range can be adjustable between 0-45kg.

Semi-automatic strapping machine repair

Please be aware that we do not provide onsite repair for the semi-automatic strapping machine. However, we do provide spare parts for your strapping machine. Additionally, we provide an in-depth manual and map of spare parts.

Storage and transport of semi-automatic strapping machine

For long-distance transport or long-term storage of the semi-automatic banding machine, wooden or hardboard box package must be used, it must be fixed on the solid backing plate and moisture absorption agent must be put in the box, anti-rust shall be sprayed inside the machine. Do not stack any heavy objects on top of the box. Do not transport and store the semi-automatic strapping machine upside down.

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