7SMITH Electric Stacker 2,5m 250cm 1500 kg


7SMITH Electric Stacker 2,5m 250cm 1500 kg


  • Affordable electric pallet stapler & low maintenance
  • Fork size: 570*1150mm – for EURO pallet
  • Ergonomic – very stable
  • Load capacity 1500 kg or 1.5t
  • 12 months’ warranty
  • Lifting height: 2,5m or 2500mm
  • Easy to use and simple to be adjusted
  • Electric pallet stacker + 2 batteries (2*12V/100AH) + charger (24V/10A, Europen standard)
  • Description


Electric stacker price7SMITH Electric Stacker 2,5m 250cm 1500 kg

The Electric stacker 7SMITH can be used for lifting and transporting heavy objects and pallets. The electric stacker is an affordable, lightweight and powerful forklift to have around. This electric pallet stacker is designed to be used with two hands and it is the most stable in this category of electric pallet stackers. The electric stacker is highly customizable and can lift various objects and pallets. Electric stacker has two motors. One is for lifting and one if for driving. Lifting motor has the power of 24V/2,2KW and driving motor has the power of 24V/0.75KW. This electric stacker comes with 2 batteries and a charger. Batteries are very powerful and allow you to use an electric stacker for several hours without recharging. Recharging is very fast, therefore, you will not waste time waiting. The maneuverability and ease of operation with this electric stacker will allow you to use it for lifting pallets or objects from the ground and putting them on the shelf or in the truck or for unloading the truck. Electric stacker 7SMITH is also designed in a way that can be easily operated and it doesn’t use a lot of space. It has a 12-month warranty and service is available only in the European Union.

What is the price of electric stacker 7SMITH?

Electric stacker 7SMITH is one of the cheapest electric stackers out there. However, the price of electric stacker does not reflect on the quality. Despite it is affordable, the electric stacker is made out of high-quality materials and it has implemented the latest lifting and driving technology. The price of the electric pallet stacker is displayed above. The electric stacker has a 12-month warranty and comes with two batteries 2*12V/100AH.

Advantages of electric stacker 7SMITH:

  • The side-driven design effectively reduces the size of the operation channel. With a small turning radius and better view, this stacker is suitable for narrow spaces.
  • Through it is an economical electric stacker, it is still equipped with high-power and high. performance lifting pump station, which ensures good lifting.
  • The turtle speed switch on the handle makes low-speed control more precise.
  • German imported waterproof micro-switches are built for usage in the cold, damp, dusty and other harsh environments.
  • YONGCI motor drive system is with small size, lightweight, low loss and high efficiency.

Where to use electric stacker 7SMITH?

Electric stacker cheapElectric stacker 7SMITH is a very affordable electric forklift, its value is easily reflected when it is introduced into the packaging or transporting processes of any industry. It eases into the workflow and helps double, even sometimes triple the efficiency of its users. With the electric stacker manual heavy lifting is eliminated from the workspace. This reduces any occurrence of accidents in the factory or warehouse. Since the source of power is electricity, the electric stacker is very clean and doesn’t produce and toxic gas, therefore it can be used indoors. There is no need for worry of tripping over wires and the need for cable management. The electric stacker uses a battery and comes with two batteries as stated earlier. This allows a seamless workflow. Since recharging is very fast. there is no need for stopping the workflow to charge the battery. This electric pallet stacker has been built to be very stable and robust, it can easily transport and lift heavy objects different shapes.

Electric stacker 7SMITH is widely used in the paper, aluminum, textile, steel, logistics, farm, chemical, metal industries. Electric pallet stacker 7SMITH has a very robust body and it is easy to use. The electric stacker moves fast, however, it can be easily controled and maneuvered. The electric stacker is beautiful and strong. With the electric pallet stacker, you will be able to automate operations and speed up lifting and transporting activities. The electric pallet stacker 7SMITH has a high degree of automation, simple operation and it is easy to understand. The body of electric stacker is made of high-strength alloy materials and engineering plastics, which is durable in use. The electric stacker is easy to move and can be used for various sizes of packages.


Model: 7SMITH electric stacker1525
Power unitElectric
Rated traction weightkg1500
Load centerc (mm)600
Axle center to fork facex (mm)720
Wheelbasey (mm)1167
Wheels typePU
Driving wheels sizeØ x w (mm)Ø210 x 70
Bearing wheel sizeØ x w (mm)Ø80 x 70
additional wheels (dimensions)Ø x w (mm)Ø115 x 55
Wheels, number front/rear (x= driven)1x+1/4
Track widthb10 (mm)522
Track widthb11 (mm)410/535
Height of mast, loweredh1 (mm)1745
Free lifth2 (mm)0
Lifth3 (mm)2500
Height of mast, extendedh4 (mm)2924
Overall height (With handle)h14 (mm)700/1225
Overall lengthl1 (mm)1740
Length to fork facel2 (mm)590
Overall widthb1/b2 (mm)795
Fork dimensionss/e/l (mm)60/160/1150
Width of forksb5 (mm)570/695
Min Ground clearancem2 (mm)26
Aisle width with palet 1000 x 1200 across forksAst (mm)2074
Aisle width with palet 800 x 1200 along with forksAst (mm)2040
Min. Turning radiusWa (mm)1342
Travel speed, laden/unladen(km/h)4.0/4.2
Lifting speed with/without load(mm/s)92/136
Lowering speed with/with load(%)112/98
Maximum climbing ability with/without load6/8
Service brake(kW)Electromagnetic
Driving motor, 60-minute rating(kW)0.75
Lift motor rating at S3 15%2.2
The battery according to DIN 43531/35/36 A,B, C, nono
Battery voltage/rated capacity(V/Ah)2×12/100
Battery weight (± 5%)(kg)2×27
Type of driving controlDC
Noise level at the operator’s ear(dB(A))69
Steering typeMechanical
Service weightkg465

How to use electric pallet stacker 7SMITH?

The Ergonomic and robust design of this electric pallet stacker helps provide maximum operator comfort during use. It is easy to operate and its two-handed operation allows for flexibility during use. A single switch of a key starts the electric stacker. On the handle, there are two switches. One is moving the forks up and down and another is moving the electric stacker. If you are picking up the pallet you simply drive the electric stacker below the pallet and lift it a little bit. Then use another switch and drive the electric stacker to the desired location. When on desired location press the switch for lifting and lift the pallet to the desired height and move the electric stacker forward so the pallet is inside the truck or shelf. Then lower the forks so the pallet will touch the ground and move the forklift out. The same process can be used for lifting up other objects. If objects are not in a shape that can be lifted, place the object on the pallet and fasten it, so it will be stable.  Electric stacker 7SMITH has very strong lifting and driving motor. It can lift the load which weighs 1500kg, 2.5m or 2500mm high. The driving speed is around 4 km per hour. Electric stacker weights around 465 kg and has two batteries with a capacity of 12V/100AH. The electric stacker 7SMITH is built to last and to withstand the usage in factories or warehouses. Theelectric pallet stacker has a one-year warranty and it is serviced in the European Union.

Electric stacker 7SMITH features:

Electric stacker specification


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