AUTOMA Automatic Strapping Machine for PP strap 9-12mm


  • AUTOMA Affordable Automatic Strapping Machine for PP strap 9-12mm
  • Up to 30 strappings per minute,
  • For packing with PP strap 9-12 mm
  • Arch is standard size: width 800mm X height 600mm
  • The tension range can be adjustable between 0-90kg
  • Easy operation, easy maintenance
  • Table height: 750mm
  • Mechanical voltage regulation
  • Fixed castors with brake
  • Reliable PC board control
  • Proven quality
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AUTOMA automatic strapping machine cheap

AUTOMA Automatic Strapping Machine for PP strap 9-12mm

AUTOMA automatic strapping machine for PP strap 9-12mm is a high-speed working table automatic strapping machine. Under the packing process, the operator gently pushes the goods to finish strapping. This machine can be used alone, or be connected with other packing machinery. It used to strapping food, medicine, hardware and other industries cardboard packaging, wooden packaging, paper packaging, etc.

Automatic Strapping Machine for PP strap price

Automatic Strapping Machine AUTOMA is one of the cheapest automatic packings, strapping machines out there. However, the price of the Automatic Strapping Machine does not reflect on the quality. Despite it is affordable, the automatic packing machine is made out of high-quality materials and it has implemented the latest strapping technology. The price of the automatic strapping machine is displayed above. The automatic strapping machine has a 12-month warranty and comes with standard arch size: width 800mm X height 600mm. We offer also cheap international shipping.

Features of AUTOMA automatic packing machine:

  • The unique tighten structure design to make the tightening force is stronger
  • Opening top cover panel design to easy maintenance
  • New type heating section to heating fast and longer life
  • Working table with eight roller shafts

Specification of AUTOMA automatic strapping machine for PP strap 9-12mm:

ModelAUTOMA automatic strapping machine for PP strap 9-12mm
Power source220V 50/60HZ 1.0kW 10A
Packing speed≤28-30path/min
Strapping force0-90kg(adjustable)
Supporting value80kgs
Hot-adhering positionbottom
Table height750mm (It’s possible to customize the height)
Arch1.     standard size: width 800mm X height 600mm

2.     material: aluminum alloy

(It’s possible to customize the size)

Applicable PP strapwidth(9-12)mm, thickness(0.6~1.0)mm

stretching resistance:Max.150kg

Applicable PP strap spoolW:160mm

inner dia.:200mm~210mm,  out dia.:400mm~500mm

Packing typeparallel strapping

manual operation, continual packing, ball switch and footswitch

Package sizeL(200- ∞)W(≤750)H(≤500) mm
Machine dimensionsL1380XW620XH1450mm
Packing measurementL1500×W700×H1050mm(1.1CBM,dis-assembled arch)
WeightN.W:180kg  G.W: 220kg
Environment conditionhumidity≤90%, temperature 0-40℃
Bottom adhesionsurface≥90%, deviation of position≤2mm


Electrical Configuration of AUTOMA automatic strapping machine for PP strap 9-12mm:

  • PLC control:LG
  • Contactor:“Schneider”
  • Button Switch:“Schneider”
  • Relay:“Schneider”
  • Motor:Chinese “MEIWA”
  • Proximity switch:“P+F” or “FOTEK”


How to use the automatic strapping machine?

  1. Install PP strap spool to the machine
  2. Turn on the power
  3. According to the label to thread the strap
  4. Set tension force,temperature & cooling time
  5. Turn the switch to “MANUAL” and press button to start packing

AUTOMA automatic strapping machine control panel AUTOMA automatic strapping machine how it works

Packing line with AUTOMA Automatic Packing Machine for PP strap

AUTOMA Automatic Strapping Machine can be integrated with a new or already existing packing line. Integrating the Automatic packing machine in the existing packing line will speed up the packing activity and increase productivity. The table height of the automatic packing machine AUTOMA is 750mm, therefore, the packing machine can be integrated with most standard packing lines.

AUTOMA automatic strapping machine packing line

Video how automatic strapping machine works:

Don’t hesitate and buy online or send us an inquiry and we will reply you the offer right away. The packing machine AUTOMA for automated packing with PP strap has 12-month warranty. We offer also cheap international shipping.

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