Cord strapping WG 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, 25mm or 32mm – Ø200mm

Composite corded strap 16mm, 19mm or 25mm price

Cord strapping WG 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, 25mm or 32mm – Ø200mm


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  • Cord strap variables include 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, 25mm, and 32mm
  • Strength ranges from 485kg to 2360kg
  • Minimum order quantity of cord strap is 2 units
  • All cord straps have inner diameter Ø200mm
  • Bulk purchasing for lower per-unit costs
  • Reduced shipping costs for larger quantities
  • Ideal for heavy cargo and safe transportation
  • Composite strap offers cost-effectiveness compared to steel straps
  • Suitable for multiple shipments, reducing costs over time
  • Provides safer usage compared to steel straps
  • Lightweight and easy to handle, reducing labor costs
  • Weather-resistant for outdoor storage and transportation
  • Non-corrosive, protecting cargo from damage
  • Meets international safety standards for peace of mind

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Cord strapping – cord WG strap – Ø200mm

Cord strapping is the ultimate solution for heavy cargo packing and safe transportation. We offer a range of sizes to cater to your specific needs, including 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, 25mm, and 32mm cord straps. With a strength ranging from 485kg to an impressive 2360kg, our Cord Straps ensure the secure and reliable fastening of your valuable goods.

Cord strapping list of each width variant of our Cord Strap along with their respective descriptions:

  1. Cord Strapping – 13mm
    Length: 1100m / Strength: 485kg The 13mm Cord Strap is a reliable and cost-effective solution for securing medium-sized cargo. With a length of 1100m and a strength of 485kg, it offers a secure fastening option for various shipping needs.
  2. Cord Strap – 16mm
    Length: 850m / Strength: 680kg The 16mm Cord Strap provides a robust and versatile option for securing larger cargo. With a length of 850m and a strength of 680kg, it ensures the safe transportation of your goods, even under challenging conditions.
  3. Poly cord strapping – 19mm
    Length: 500m / Strength: 800kg The 19mm Cord Strap is designed to handle heavier loads with ease. With a length of 500m and a strength of 800kg, it offers enhanced security and stability during transportation, making it ideal for demanding packing applications.
  4. Polyester cord strapping – 25mm
    Length: 500m / Strength: 1280kg The 25mm Cord Strap is a heavy-duty option that provides exceptional strength for securing large and heavy cargo. With a length of 500m and a strength of 1280kg, it ensures the utmost safety during transportation, even for the most demanding shipments.
  5. Cordstrap banding – 32mm
    Length: 250m / Strength: 2360kg The 32mm Cord Strap is specifically designed for handling extremely heavy and bulky cargo. With a length of 250m and an impressive strength of 2360kg, it offers unparalleled security and stability for your valuable goods, ensuring their safe arrival at the destination.

Each variant of our Cord Strap offers superior strength, cost-effectiveness, weather-resistance, and compliance with international safety standards. Choose the appropriate width based on your cargo requirements and enjoy the benefits of a reliable and efficient packing solution. All cord straps have inner diameter of  Ø200mm.

The minimum order quantity of cord straps is 2 units. Prices are lower based on quantity. The price does not include VAT and shipping costs.


Specs of Cord WG straps 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, 25mm or 32mm – Ø200mm

Product Name Width (mm) Length (m) Strength (kg) Inner Diameter (mm) Description
Cord WG strap 13mm 13mm 1100m 485kg Ø200mm A reliable and cost-effective solution for securing medium-sized cargo.
Cord WG strap 16mm 16mm 850m 680kg Ø200mm A robust and versatile option for securing larger cargo, even under challenging conditions.
Cord WG strap 19mm 19mm 500m 800kg Ø200mm Designed to handle heavier loads with ease, offering enhanced security for demanding packing applications.
Cord WG strap 25mm 25mm 500m 1280kg Ø200mm A heavy-duty option that provides exceptional strength for securing large and heavy cargo.
Cord WG strap 32mm 32mm 250m 2360kg Ø200mm Specifically designed for extremely heavy and bulky cargo, ensuring unparalleled security and stability during transit.


Polyester cord strapping

One of the standout advantages of our Cord Straps is their cost-effectiveness. Compared to steel straps, Cord Straps provide a more practical and economical alternative. They are reusable for multiple shipments, minimizing costs over time and promoting sustainable practices. Moreover, these straps are lightweight and easy to handle, reducing labor costs and improving efficiency during the packing process. When it comes to durability, Cord Straps excel. They are weather-resistant, making them suitable for outdoor storage and transportation in various environmental conditions. Furthermore, they are non-corrosive, ensuring the protection of your cargo from any potential damage.

Our Cord Straps are fully compliant with international safety standards, ensuring that your shipments meet the required regulations. This gives you peace of mind and guarantees a hassle-free experience during transport. In the category of packing straps, our Cord Straps are the go-to choice for heavy cargo, providing both security and cost-efficiency. With lengths ranging from 1100m to 250m and corresponding weight capacities from 485kg to 2360kg, you can find the perfect match for your specific packing needs.

Choose our Cord Straps for their strength, cost-effectiveness, reusability, safety, and compliance with international standards. Make your packing process smoother and more efficient while ensuring the secure transportation of your valuable goods.

Composite corded strap 16mm, 19mm or 25mm cheap strapping with hand toolPackaging with composite tape is of high quality and comfortable. The composite tape is used as a substitute for steel strips, as it is cheaper, lighter, and safer to handle. The basis of the composite straps is textile tape on which an additional protective layer of polypropylene is applied. Due to this additional layer, the strips are tougher and insensitive to sharp edges and weathering. It is also easier to work with (for example, installing the tape below the pallet). The tape is wound on a disc with a inner diameter of 200mm.


Cordstrap Banding: the superior alternative to steel strips.

Cordstrap Banding is crafted using high-resistant polyester yarn, skillfully incorporated in a protective polypropylene coating. This innovative design offers exceptional safeguarding against sharp edges while providing reliable weather resistance. Moreover, its installation under pallets is remarkably easier compared to traditional textile tape, saving you time and effort.

With comparable tensile strength and elongation properties to steel strips, our Cordstrap Banding surpasses industry standards. Its remarkable performance has already positioned it as the preferred choice in various sectors, including woodworking, mining, construction, and packaging waste. This revolutionary product offers a multitude of advantages over steel strips, ensuring optimal results in every application.


The benefits of Cordstrap Banding include:

Superior Protection: Our banding provides excellent resistance against sharp edges, preventing damage to both the cargo and the strap itself. Additionally, its weather-resistant properties ensure that your shipments remain intact even in challenging environmental conditions.

Easy Installation: With a user-friendly design, our banding simplifies the installation process, especially when securing pallets. It saves valuable time and effort, streamlining your packing operations.

Comparable Strength: The tensile strength of Cordstrap Banding is on par with steel strips, guaranteeing the utmost security and stability during transportation. You can rely on its robust construction to withstand demanding industry requirements.

Enhanced Flexibility: The banding’s elongation properties allow it to adapt to the shifting and settling of cargo during transit. This flexibility ensures a secure hold, preventing any potential damage or shifting of goods.

By choosing Cordstrap Banding, you not only benefit from its remarkable performance but also contribute to a safer and more efficient working environment. Say goodbye to the limitations of steel strips and embrace the advanced technology of Cordstrap Banding for all your strapping needs. Experience the future of cargo protection and enjoy the peace of mind it brings.


Composite corded strap 16mm, 19mm or 25mm cheap clips

Features of Poly Cord Strapping:

Poly cord strapping offers a wide range of characteristics that make it an excellent choice for your strapping needs. Here are some key advantages:

  1. Comparable Strength to Steel Straps, Enhanced Safety: Composite tapes exhibit strength comparable to steel straps while providing a safer alternative. With poly cord strapping, you can enjoy the reliable performance and durability required for securing heavy loads, all while minimizing the risk of injuries associated with steel straps.
  2. Cost-Effective Solution: Poly cord strapping proves to be a cost-effective option. Not only do they provide comparable strength to steel straps, but they also offer lower costs. This makes them an economical choice for businesses seeking efficient and affordable strapping solutions.
  3. Damage-Free Security: The soft and flexible nature of poly cord strapping ensures that it does not damage or mar the goods being secured. This is particularly beneficial for delicate or fragile items, as it eliminates the risk of product damage during the strapping process.
  4. High Tension Resistance and Absorption Power: Poly cord strapping can withstand high tension levels and possesses excellent absorption power. This means it can effectively handle the stress and strain of securing heavy loads, maintaining optimal tension and stability throughout transportation.
  5. Printable for Identification: Poly cord strapping can be printed on, allowing for easy identification and tracking of shipments. This feature enables efficient logistics management and enhances overall operational control.
  6. Easy to Handle: The lightweight nature of poly cord strapping makes it easier to carry and maneuver during the strapping process. This reduces the strain on workers and increases efficiency, ultimately saving time and effort.
  7. Chemical and Weather Resistance: Unlike steel straps, poly cord strapping is highly resistant to chemical substances and weather influences. They do not rust or rot, ensuring their longevity and performance even in harsh environmental conditions.
  8. Reusable: Composite straps can be reused, offering excellent sustainability and cost-saving benefits. By using poly cord strapping repeatedly, you can reduce waste and minimize expenses associated with single-use strapping materials.


Enhance Your Strapping Efficiency with Poly Cord Strapping Tools and Accessories

When it comes to tensioning and fastening composite cord straps, we offer a range of reliable and efficient tools designed specifically for the task. Our poly cord strapping tensioners, cord strap tensioners, cordstrap banders, and cordstrap buckles are essential tools for connecting and securing your composite tape with ease.

Our poly cord strapping tensioner is a versatile tool that allows you to adjust the tension of your cord strap precisely. Whether you prefer manual tensioning or opt for the convenience of a pneumatic binding tool, we have the perfect solution to meet your needs.

With our cordstrap bander, you can securely fasten your composite strap, ensuring optimal strength and stability. This tool is designed for efficient and hassle-free strapping, saving you time and effort during the binding process.

To complete your strapping setup, we offer a selection of cordstrap buckles. These specialized steel clamps provide a secure and reliable connection for your composite tape, enhancing the overall strength and integrity of your strapping system.

By utilizing our poly cord strapping tools and accessories, you can streamline your strapping operations, increase efficiency, and ensure a secure and reliable connection every time. Invest in the right tools for the job and experience the difference in your packaging process.

Upgrade your strapping setup today with our high-quality poly cord strapping tensioners, cord strap tensioners, cordstrap banders, and cordstrap buckles. Enhance your productivity, improve the strength of your strapping, and achieve peace of mind knowing that your cargo is securely fastened and protected.


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We cordially invite you to experience the convenience of purchasing cord straps online or obtaining a tailored offer for our comprehensive cord strapping needs. With just a click, you can access a wide selection of high-quality cord straps and explore the diverse options available to fulfill your specific strapping requirements. By clicking the button “GET OFFER”, you can request a personalized offer, meticulously tailored to meet your unique needs. Our dedicated team stands ready to promptly assist you with pricing details, quantities, and any additional information you may require. Embrace the ease and efficiency of online shopping as you secure your cord straps effortlessly, ensuring the strength, safety, and versatility necessary for your strapping projects. Place your order today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having a reliable and robust cord strapping solution at your fingertips.

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