GT SMART 9-16mm (3/8″-5/8″) Battery Strapping Tool for PET/PP strap w/ Battery & Charger


  • Battery strapping tool GT-SMART + battery + charger
  • Max tension: 1800N
  • Weight: 3.5kg including battery (the lightest tool in the market)
  • Functioning mode: automatic/semi-automatic/manual/soft
  • Max. tension speed: 14m/min
  • Battery SP6 (SIAT POWERLITE) 14.4V – 1.5Ah LG cells (optional 3.0Ah)
  • Brushless motor
  • Perfect handling (better than all competitors)
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SIAT GT-SMART Battery strapping tool

SIAT GT-SMART next-generation fast and lightweight Battery strapping tool. The battery banding strapping tool GT ONE is highly customizable and can fit 9-16mm or 3/8″ to 5/8″ wide polyester (PET) or polypropylene (PP) strapping. The battery strapping tool is affordable and it is designed to be used with one hand. The strapping tension is customizable and can be set to up to 1800 N (400 lbs). Battery strapping tool GT-SMART comes with a battery and a charger so you are able to get your bundling process started as soon as the package arrives. The maneuverability and ease of operation possible with this battery strapping tool will allow you to use it for both vertical and horizontal strapping. The battery banding tool GT-SMART is also designed to deliver a high-grade friction weld seal. It is serviced in Europe and has a 12-month warranty. The battery strapping tool GT-SMART 9-16mm (3/8″ to 5/8″) is widely used in all sorts of industries and warehouses. It is one of the easiest and safest ways to strap the pallet. It can be automatic, semi-automatic, manual, or soft. The strapping cycle is performed by pushing a single button (in automatic or semi-automatic mode). It is easy to use and adjust. Also, it is perfectly balanced and relatively lightweight. The brushless motor is powered by the latest Li-Ion battery. With the battery strapping tool, you will be able to automate operations and speed up packing activities. Battery strapping tool with adjustable functioning mode according to the application: manual and soft. It is easy to use and adjust. Perfectly balanced, it can perform both vertical and horizontal strapping. The brushless motor is powered by the latest Li-Ion battery. The battery strapping tool is built to last and to withstand usage in factories or warehouses.


Main features of GT-SMART battery strapping tool:

    • 14.4V Li-Ion battery produced in Germany by AKKU POWER by using high-performance LG cells
    • AMETEK 14.4V motor (brushless, sensor-less, high-speed)
    • the counterclockwise motion of the motor is used for the tensioning, whereas it’s clockwise motion is used for the welding
    • the motion transmission is performed by means fo mechanical one-way clutch bearings
    • the Microchip CPU of the main electronic board operates the main motor
    • the Microchip CPU driven board manages the main motor, the steeper linear actuator, the tools settings, and adjustments, the tool errors
  • Mechanical transmission with speed reduction gearbox for the tensioning system
  • Welding system with the semi-automatic lowering mechanism on the carriage support
  • Aluminum frame


Specs of SIAT GT-SMART Battery strapping tool

Strap width9-16mm
Strap thickness0.4-0.85mm
Seal efficiency75-85%
Max tensionMax. 1800N
Max tension speed14 m/min
Weight3.5kg (with battery)
BatterySP6 14.4V -1.5Ah Li-Ion LG cells
SP1 14.4V -3.0Ah Li-Ion Samsung ells
Cycles per charge150 – 160 with 1.5Ah battery
250+ with 3.0Ah battery (special request)
ChargerAP I 2830 MV
Charging time20min


Battery strapping tool GT SMART specifications:

  • Max tension: 1800N
  • Weight: 3.5kg including battery (the lightest tool in the market)
  • Functioning mode: semi-automatic/manual/soft
  • Max. tension speed: 14m/min
  • Battery SP6 (SIAT POWERLITE) 14.4V – 1.5Ah LG cells (optional 3.0Ah)
  • Brushless motor
  • Perfect handling (better than all competitors)
  • Robust plastic cover with natural rubber for the handle
  • Front & rear guides are adjustable for all measures of the strap
  • a unique solution to change the strap size. You don’t have to change guides. It is necessary to make only an extremely easy adjustment that will take no more than 30 seconds.
  • Thanks to this technology, distributors, and end-users can easily change the strap size without changing the guide and having a considerable time saving
  • The design of GT-SMART communicates immediately a “good feeling” of modernity and robustness
  • User-friendly touch panel
  • Extremely ergonomic tool
  • The plastic cover grants a good “touch” and an immediate feeling of “high quality”


GT-SMART battery strapping tool – Brushless motor

Brushless DC motors have many advantages compared to their brushed DC motor. The most obvious advantage of a brushless motor is its lack of brushes and physical commutator. This difference means that there are many fewer parts that can wear out or break and need to replace than in a brushed motor. Therefore, brushless DC motors (BLDC) tend to be more reliable, last longer and more efficient. In fact, BLDC motors have a greater duration of over 10.000 hours. Furthermore, brushless DC motors can operate at speeds above 10.000 rpm in both loaded and unloaded conditions. Thanks to their enclosed internal parts, they are able to operate with less noise and electromagnetic interference than DC motors. For the mentioned reasons, we estimate an energy saving of about 25% in our applications compared to AC motors.


Advantages of battery strapping tool GT-SMART

  • Feed-wheel with a different opening system allows to have a shorter base plate and required a lower opening force
  • The natural rubber handle – the double “die-casting” ensures the perfect alignment of the rubber with the plastic cover. The design of the handle has been designed to guarantee the best possible grip in all positions (vertical-horizontal).
  • Perfect handling – the center of gravity exactly in the center – “one finger” operation
  • Easy and use and high-speed strapping
  • High process reliability
  • User-friendly interface with key lock function
  • Different PET strap sizes usable (from 9mm to 16mm)
  • Stable performance thanks to the latest Li-Ion battery technology (with n “memory effect”)
  • An industrial professional device with continuous use properties at the weight of only 3.5kg (the lightest tool in the market)
  • The low price of battery strapping tool/low cost of ownership
  • Long-lasting tool & low maintenance costs thanks to the brushless motor
  • Efficient manual operation (absolutely balanced)
  • Universal application possibilities thanks to the compact design


SIAT GT-SMART Battery strapping tool video


Additional information

Weight3 kg