PET strap – 12mm or 15,5mm, 19mm or 25mm

Plastic PET strap 12mm, 16mm and 19mm for packing pallets price buy cheap

PET strap – 12mm or 15,5mm, 19mm or 25mm


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  • High-quality polyester strapping for secure and reliable packaging
  • All PET bands have inner diameter Ø406mm
  • PET straps: 12 x 0.6mm/406 – 2500m – strength 310kg
  • Polyester straps: 15.5 x 0.7mm/406/1750m – strength 410kg
  • Polyester straps: 15.5 x 0.9mm/406/1250m – strength 600kg
  • PET polyester straps: 19 x 1.0mm/406/1000m – strength 800kg
  • Polyester straps: 25 x 1.3mm/406/500m – strength 1330kg
  • PET straps offer strength, lighter weight, and affordability
  • PET straps tested and proven in the market for 30+ years
  • Minimum order quantity of PET strap is 2 units
  • Prices are lower based on quantity
  • Price does not include VAT and shipping costs

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PET polyester strap buyPET strap

PET straps are a reliable and efficient solution for securing your packages and optimizing your packing operations. PET straps are made from high-quality polyester material, providing excellent strength and durability. We offer a range of sizes and specifications to meet your specific packaging requirements.

  1. PET Strap 12 x 0.6mm/406 – 2500m – Strength 310kg:

  • Dimensions: 12mm width and 0.6mm thickness
  • Length: 2500 meters
  • Strength: With a robust strength of 310kg, this PET strap ensures secure bundling and reinforcement of lighter to medium-weight packages.
  1. PET Polyester Strap 15.5 x 0.7mm/406/1750m – Strength 410kg:

  • Dimensions: 15.5mm width and 0.7mm thickness
  • Length: 1750 meters
  • Strength: Designed for heavier loads, this PET polyester strap offers a substantial strength of 410kg. It ensures reliable strapping and reinforcement of medium to heavy-weight packages.
  1. Polyester Strap 15.5 x 0.9mm/406/1250m – Strength 600kg:

  • Dimensions: 15.5mm width and 0.9mm thickness
  • Length: 1250 meters
  • Strength: With a high strength rating of 600kg, this polyester strap is ideal for securing and stabilizing heavy packages. It provides superior strength and reliability.
  1. PET Polyester Strap 19 x 1.0mm/406/1000m – Strength 800kg:

  • Dimensions: 19mm width and 1.0mm thickness
  • Length: 1000 meters
  • Strength: Offering an impressive strength of 800kg, this PET polyester strap is perfect for demanding applications. It ensures strong and secure bundling of heavy packages.
  1. Polyester Strap 25 x 1.3mm/406/500m – Strength 1330kg:

  • Dimensions: 25mm width and 1.3mm thickness
  • Length: 500 meters
  • Strength: With a remarkable strength of 1330kg, this polyester strap is specifically designed for the most demanding packaging tasks. It provides exceptional load stability and security.


All PET straps have inner diameter of Ø406mm. Minimum order quantity of PET strap are 2 units. If you order more units quantity discount will automatically apply. Prices are lower based on quantity.


Polyester strapping

Experience the reliability and strength of our PET straps, also known as polyester strapping, carefully designed to meet your packaging needs. With an inner diameter of Ø406mm, our PET straps offer superior performance compared to polypropylene tape (PP), making them a preferred choice in the industry.

When it comes to strength, polyester strapping, outshines PP straps of the same dimensions. These durable and robust polyester strapping options ensure secure bundling and reinforcement of your packages. Additionally, PET straps are more compact, making them easier to handle during packaging operations.

Our PET straps, or polyester strapping, are engineered to withstand various environmental conditions. They exhibit excellent resistance to corrosion, water, and harmful UV rays, ensuring optimal performance even in challenging environments. Whether you require protection during storage or transportation, polyester strapping provides reliable and long-lasting performance.

Choose from our wide range of polyester strapping, available in widths ranging from 9 mm to 32 mm, and thicknesses from 0.35 mm to 1.27 mm. The wide range allows you to select the most suitable dimensions of polyester strapping for your specific packaging requirements. With tensile strengths ranging from 190 kg to 1330 kg, our polyester strapping options, offer ample strength for a variety of applications.

As a cost-effective alternative to steel straps polyester strapping offer high tensile strength while being significantly lighter and more affordable. This makes them a preferred choice in industries where strength and cost efficiency are paramount. By choosing our PET straps, or polyester strapping, you can enjoy the benefits of a reliable and cost-effective packaging solution.

At our company, we prioritize quality and reliability in all our PET straps, or polyester strapping, offerings. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we have become a trusted supplier of high-quality PET straps, or polyester strapping, to numerous satisfied customers. Our polyester straps, have undergone rigorous testing and have proven to deliver exceptional performance, ensuring peace of mind during your packaging operations. Choose our polyester strapping products, and experience the difference in strength, reliability, and cost efficiency.


Polyester strap – PET strap and price of PET strap

Plastic PET strap 12mm, 16mm and 19mm for packing pallets cheapThe polyester tape, also known as the PET tape, is used when conventional polypropylene tape is not strong enough and therefore can not serve its purpose. The polyester tape and steel tape are most similar in their physical characteristics. The polyester tape can withstand up to twenty-five percent more tension compared to other plastic straps. It can thus keep the voltage much better than the other non-metallic bands despite loading. The quality of the polyester tape is not affected by weather or ultraviolet rays. Unlike steel straps, it is much cheaper and safer to use because it does not have sharp edges. Taking into account the facts above, the polyester strap has become the best possible substitute for steel. PET straps can be used for manual, battery, or automatic machines. It is available in the width of 9-32mm and from 0,5 to 1,27 mm thick. PET strap varies according to its surface. The embossed surface is the one that is standard and it is better for strapping with machines. While the smooth tape is recommended for heavier tasks since the tensile strength is higher.

PET strap has replaced steel in many industrial processes, as it is much cheaper and at the same time safer for use (it does not damage employees or goods because it has no sharp edges and does not brown). In addition, the sturdiness of the PET strap is also greater, therefore it is more suitable for larger loads. Its high elasticity replaces the loss of packaging voltage when it loses its volume over a long period of time. (eg wood when dry). The savings of using a PET strap in comparison to the steel band are up to fifty percent higher since the PET strap is cheaper and the price per meter is lower.


Type of PET strap according to the outer surface

PET straps are available in different types based on their outer surface characteristics. These variations offer unique benefits and performance features to suit specific packaging requirements. Here are the common types of PET straps based on their outer surface:

  1. Smooth PET Straps: Smooth PET straps have a sleek and smooth outer surface. They are designed to minimize friction and abrasion during the strapping process. Smooth PET straps are ideal for applications where friction-related damage to the packaged goods needs to be minimized. They provide a secure and reliable grip without causing any harm or marks on the packaged items.
  2. Embossed PET Straps: Embossed PET straps have a textured outer surface with raised patterns or ridges. This type of PET strap enhances grip and prevents slippage, especially on surfaces prone to slipping. The embossed texture improves friction between the strap and the package, ensuring tighter and more secure bundling. Embossed PET straps are suitable for applications where packages need to withstand movement, jostling, or transportation on slippery surfaces.
  3. Woven PET Straps: Woven PET straps are characterized by a unique woven pattern on their outer surface. The woven construction provides enhanced strength and durability. Woven PET straps are designed to offer superior load-bearing capacity and resistance to high tension forces. These straps are commonly used for heavy-duty applications that require maximum strength and reliability.
  4. Corded PET Straps: Corded PET straps have a cord-like outer surface, resembling a rope or cord. They are engineered for exceptional strength and resistance to elongation. Corded PET straps are ideal for securing heavy loads or bundles that require extra support and stability. The corded surface texture ensures a firm grip and minimizes the risk of slippage or loosening during transportation or storage.

By choosing the appropriate type of PET strap based on the outer surface, you can optimize the performance, strength, and grip for your specific packaging needs. Consider the nature of your packages and the expected handling conditions to determine the most suitable type of PET strap for your applications. Most common choisese in industry are smooth PET straps and Embossed PET straps.


Green strapping

Green strapping usually refers to PET strap. PET straps usual come in green color. Green PET straps are selected for their environmentally friendly connotations. The green color symbolizes sustainability and eco-consciousness, making them popular in industries that prioritize green packaging practices. They are often used for bundling or securing recyclable materials or in applications where an eco-friendly image is desired.


PET banding

Plastic PET strap 12mm, 16mm and 19mm for packing pallets At low price

Our polyester bands are renowned for their exceptional tensile strength and impressive elongation capabilities. These key attributes play a vital role in ensuring a secure and safe packaging solution. Unlike steel strips, polyester offers superior flexibility during stretching while effectively absorbing impacts and mitigating the effects of various transportation conditions.

To seamlessly connect our PET straps, we provide a range of efficient and user-friendly tools. Our selection includes manual, pneumatic, and battery staplers, such as the NEO battery strapping tool, designed for PET strap widths ranging from 12mm to 16mm. Additionally, we offer the NEO Plus battery strapping tool, specifically tailored for PET strap widths from 16mm to 19mm. For versatility and reliability, we also offer the SIAT GT-ONE battery strapping tool.

When it comes to cost-efficiency and sustainability, polyester bands reign supreme. They are the most economical and environmentally friendly option available in the market. By choosing our polyester straps, you not only benefit from their exceptional performance but also contribute to a greener and more sustainable packaging solution.

Experience the difference that our new, high-quality polyester straps can make in your packaging operations. Trust in our expertise and commitment to providing superior products that meet your specific requirements. Make the switch to polyester bands and enjoy the advantages of enhanced safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.


PET band recycling

PET straps, also known as polyester straps, are indeed recyclable, making them an environmentally friendly choice for packaging applications. Recycling PET straps offers several important benefits for sustainability and resource conservation.

Firstly, recycling PET straps helps reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills. By diverting PET straps from disposal and instead recycling them, we can minimize the environmental impact associated with waste accumulation. This contributes to the overall reduction of waste volume and promotes more sustainable waste management practices.

Secondly, recycling PET straps helps conserve valuable resources. PET is derived from petroleum-based materials, and by recycling PET straps, we can reduce the demand for virgin materials. This conserves natural resources, reduces energy consumption, and decreases the carbon footprint associated with the production of new PET materials.

Additionally, recycling PET straps helps reduce the need for new manufacturing processes. The recycling of PET straps allows for the reprocessing of the material into new products or the creation of recycled PET (rPET) materials. This eliminates the need for the extraction, refining, and processing of raw materials, saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Promoting the recycling of PET straps also fosters a circular economy. Instead of being treated as single-use items, PET straps can be collected, recycled, and transformed into new products, closing the loop in the material lifecycle. This circular approach to resource management is crucial for achieving long-term sustainability and minimizing waste generation.

The recyclability of PET straps is important for several reasons. It helps reduce waste, conserves natural resources, decreases energy consumption, and promotes a circular economy. By choosing PET straps and actively participating in their recycling process, individuals and businesses contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally responsible packaging industry.


Polyester strap offers a number of advantages:

PET band has excellent mechanical properties. This includes high strength, extreme stretchability, and high tensile strength. These characteristics are reflected in:

  • Low possibility of damage or contamination of packaged products (high corrosion resistance)
  • Mitigation of damage during transport
  • Lower pressure on the edges of the packed material
  • Securing packed material
  • Maintaining the voltage in case the package shrinks during storage or transportation
  • Smaller options break
  • At lower material costs (up to fifty percent)
  • Can be recycled


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