TITAN Battery Powered Strapping Tool 10-16mm (3/8″-5/8″) for PET/PP Strap + Battery + Charger

Battery strapping tool TITAN cheap

TITAN Battery Powered Strapping Tool 10-16mm (3/8″-5/8″) for PET/PP Strap + Battery + Charger


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  • Battery Powered Strapping Tool TITAN for PET/PP Plastic Strap wide 10-16mm
  • LED digital liquid crystal display
  • Plastic strap width 10-16mm, thickness 0.5-1.2mm
  • Battery capacity4000 mAH 50/60HZ 75W, which can perform up to 700 strappings with one charge
  • Automatic, Semi-automatic and Manual mode
  • Adjustable tightening force: 400-4000N
  • Battery Powered Strapping tool TITAN + Battery + charger

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TITAN Battery Strapping Tool 10-16mm (3/8″-5/8″) for PET/PP Strap + Battery + Charger

Premium Battery Strapping Tool for PP and PET Plastic Strap TITAN with LED digital liquid crystal display can be used for strapping packages, pallets, steel, timber, brick, fiber, and so on. The Electric Strapping Tool TITAN is fully automatic, but it is also possible to operate in semi-automatic or manual mode. Battery Strapping Tool TITAN weighs only 4kg and its dimensions are 330 * 150 * 140mm. It can be used with plastic PET and PP straps which are 10-16mm wide and thick between 0,5-1,2mm and it can perform vertical and horizontal strapping. Electric strapping tool TITAN uses the latest strapping technology which is based on Friction Welding and ensures that plastic straps are strongly glued together. Tension force can be adjusted from 400 up to 4000N. The maximum force is sufficient to strap pallets, wood, steel, or other heavy objects. With Battery powered strapping tool TITAN you receive a rechargeable battery with a capacity of 4000mAH. With one charge, which takes approximately 90 minutes Battery strapping tool TITAN can perform up to 700 strappings. With an Electric strapping tool, you will speed up the packaging process, reduce packing cost by more than 15% and improve the combining intensity about 2 times. Further, since for packing you won’t need metal buckles, you will improve the packing process and reduce the costs of packing material. The battery strapping tool has an alarm device for the low power and light signal when strapping is finished. It works normally under a large number of dust, tiny fiber, and other abominable environments with the exceptive dust-proof filter screen. TITAN is lightweight and can be used with a single hand. This battery banding tool is also designed to deliver a high-grade friction weld seal.  With the Battery-powered Banding tool TITAN, you will receive a powerful battery, a charger, and a convenient box for carrying the strapping tool. It has a 12-month warranty and service is available in the European Union.


Specification of Battery Strapping Tool TITAN 10-16mm or PET/PP Strap:

Apply straps Width10-16mm
Apply straps Thickness0.6-1.2mm
Rechargeable BatteryLithium battery 18V/5.0Ah
Charger timeCharger 90minutes can strap 700 loops
Charger(Optional)Voltage 110/220V
Battery Weight0.6kg
Apply straps sizePP/PET
Maximum tension force (N)4000N
Tighten speed (m/min)11m/min
Welding time (s)1.1-1.4s
Cooling time(S)2.5 s (adjustable)
Control systemButton + Digital display
Module selectionFull automatic.semi-automatic,manual
Gear selectionPP strap: 1-3 gear  PET strap: 4-9 gear
Machine characteristicsEnergy-saving and environmental protection, Simple operation, Large battery capacity
Machine weight: N.W/G.W4.0Kg
Whole machine dimension LXWXH(mm)330x150x140mm
Packing dimension LXWXH(mm)



Automatic, Semi-automatic and Manual mode – Battery Strapping Tool TITAN

Automatic mode

In Automatic mode all the operator needs to do is to press the tension button for a short time, and the strap will be automatically tightened. When the set tension value is reached, the strap will be welded and cut automatically.

Semi-automatic mode

In the Semi-automatic mode, it is necessary to press and hold the tension button all the time. When the set tension value is reached, the machine will start automatic welding and cutting (if the take-up button is released during tightening, the tension wheel will stop rotating. Operator can press the welding button at this time, and the baler will weld and cut the strap.)

Manual mode

When manual mode is used, the tension button shall be pressed all the time. When the desired tension is reached the fusion button must be pressed so the welding begins. When welding is done, the strap must be cut manually.


How does Battery Strapping Tool TITAN work?

Battery strapping tool TITAN How does it workFirst, the operator needs to wrap the strap around the object which needs to be strapped. Then both ends of straps need to be placed on each other, as shown in the picture. The operator then needs to insert the straps in the Battery strapping tool in a way that he lifts the handle with his right hand and insert the straps with his left hand so that the straps are stack horizontally and then release the handle. Then the tension button needs to be pressed. In manual mode, the tension button needs to be pressed until the indicator light is purple. In Automatic and semi-automatic mode tension button needs to be only pressed briefly. Then the straps are welded automatically. After the welding is completed, the buzzer rings for 3 seconds and stops. Only then the operator can lift the battery strapping machine to the right side.


Battery Strapping Tool TITAN Price

Although the battery strapping tool TITAN is made of high-quality materials, it can be used for PET and PP straps which are wide between 10-16mm, and comes with a very powerful Lithium battery (4000mAh) which can perform 700 strappings in one charge, and has an LED digital liquid crystal display, the price of it is still very affordable. We can say that it is the most affordable battery strapping tool with these characteristics on the market. However, the price of the battery strapping tool does not reflect the quality. Despite it is affordable, the banding tool is made out of high-quality hard plastic and it has implemented the latest welding technology. The maximum tension force is4000N and can be adjustable. With one single-charge battery strapping tool TITAN can produce more than 700 strapping.


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Weight4.9 kg