All you need to know about packaging

All you need to know about packaging

All you need to know about packaging/strapping

Packaging or strapping products is one of the most commonly used means of combining products in the packaging industry. There are several types of packing materials for bonding, which is most useful in environments such as:

  • attaching items to pallets, crates …
  • ensuring uniform loading and packing of glass, wood and metal parts
  • closing boxes and packages
  • reinforcement of wooden boxes, crates or boxes of other materials
  • secure items

Steel is the strongest and has the highest tensile strength, therefore the packaging is very reliable with it. It is available in different widths and thicknesses, but it also varies in quality. Steel is mainly used for packaging products that are sharp and hot. When deciding on which tape would be used when packaging your products and you have in mind steel, ask yourself:

  • Is the load heavy and stable?
  • Will the products travel long distances?
  • Will they need to be downloaded and unloaded before downloading them

If the answer to these three questions is positive, then the steel or composite or PET strap is the right choice for you.

Plastic strips are more suitable for easier loads. They are available in different widths, lengths, and polymers. These ribbons offer a greater elongation, but their disadvantage is that they can tear apart at an excessive load. Nevertheless, the polyester fabric for packaging in many industries is the best alternative to steel straps. Polyester (PET), for example, provides excellent tension in the rigid load, and at the same time, the tape is very slowly worn. It is necessary to distinguish between plastic and polyester strips. In spite of specific differences, plastic straps are called “poly-bonds”. The following facts will teach you to distinguish them. The first is that the polyester tape is smoother, the other is that it can withstand higher tension.

Since packaging products have been packed for many years, the packing tape has also been developed with the simultaneous development of the packaging. However, it should be emphasized that the best and most widely used straps are steel and plastic straps. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is wise to determine which one is better suited to your needs before packing. It is more difficult to say that one is better than the other since each of them has both its advantages and weaknesses. Their quality may also vary from supplier to supplier, so it is a good idea to know all the features of the tape they offer and compare it with the cargo and products for which the strap will be used before buying.

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