Electric pallet stacker

We offer affordable high-quality electric pallet stackers and electric pallet trucks that can be used in warehouses, factories, wholesale facilities, and stores. Electric pallet stackers and electric pallet trucks have different load capacities and lift heights. Electric pallet stackers are very robust and have strong construction, therefore the electric stackers are very stable and safe to use. Electric pallet stackers and pallet trucks have ISO, CE and the other by law required certificates. The price of an electric stacker and electric pallet truck varies from one thousand euros to a few thousand euros. The price of an electric pallet stacker depends on a few factors, one of them is the load capacity that can be lifted by electric stacker, other reasons are the lifting height, the number of batteries (accumulators), the capacity of batteries, wheels, construction, and last but not least determining factor is driving and lifting motor power.

We offer a wide range of high-quality and affordable electric pallet stackers. On our website you can find the following types of electric stackers:

  • Electric pallet stackers
  • Electric pallet trucks
  • Electric forklifts

Packing machines have a warranty and are serviced in Europe. We offer fast delivery to your address in Europe.

Electric stacker priceElectric pallet stacker

In the sections, we will present why you need an electric pallet stacker, what is the price range of the electric pallet stacker, how the electric pallet stacker will help increase your productivity and what the advantages of an electric pallet stacker are.

Why do you need an electric pallet stacker?

New electric pallet stackers are an excellent investment for anyone involved in manufacturing, transportation, logistics, and for whoever performs any heavy lifting in their facilities. There is a large variety of advantages attached to the purchase of a new electric pallet stacker. Overall with electric pallet stacker work will be more efficient, faster and that employees will be more satisfied since they won’t need to do any heavy lifting. In addition, it is much safer to move things with electric stackers, where the chances of injury are very low. A new generation of electric pallet stackers is made with materials that are extremely durable and are resistant to all external factors, which gives the electric stacker an even longer lifespan. Electric pallet stackers are ergonomic and they are making handling easy. Another advantage of the new and improved electric pallet stacker is its outstanding power, precision, and strength. Electric stackers have very strong driving and lifting motors. This makes it possible to lift and transport products that are heavy and unstable.

Electric pallet stacker price

The price for an electric pallet stacker depends on multiple factors, however, you can expect a return on investment within months when you consider the time saved using it, the increased speed of lifting and moving pallets and other objects. In addition, it will improve employee satisfaction and fewer employee will get short or long time injuries. The prices of electric pallet stackers vary from a thousand euros to a few extra thousand euros. The price depends on if the electric stacker has one or two batteries, the capacity of the battery, lifting height, load capacity, etc. Also, another key factor is also how powerful are the motors (driving and lifting motors) which are in the electric stacker.

How does an electric pallet stacker work?

7SMITH Electric stacker with padel 1500kg 260cm priceThe electric pallet stacker is suitable for moving pallets or heavy objects from one location to another. Additionally, you can lift the pallets or heavy objects and move them to the truck or shelf or take it down from the truck or the shelf.  The process starts by switching the key. With that, the electric stacker will start. The lights will be displayed and the battery indicator will show the capacity of the battery. The electric pallet stacker is operated by CURTIS handle. Key switch and electricity meter are integrated into the handle. With the handle, you move the electric stacker forward or back and also control the fork height. When a switch is moved up, the forks will go up and when the switch on the handle is moved down, the forks will go down. With the handle, also the movement of the electric pallet stacker is controlled. When the handle is moved the wheels will also move and change the direction of the electric stacker.  The electric stackers come in two types. There is the electric pallet stacker, which can lift the pallets or other objects up to 5.5 meters high. The second option is an electric pallet truck, which can lift the pallets only to about 200mm and it is more suitable for moving the pallets, rather lifting them. Since with an electric pallet stacker, you can move and lift the pallets and other objects, it’s preferred buy. However, because the electric pallet stacker has much more features and parts is also more expensive.  Electric stackers are extremely economical, and they decrease transport and lifting time by more than 4 times. Electric stackers are powered by a high-quality car accumulator, which has a long-life cycle, while at the same time enabling recharging. The advantage of using a car accumulator is also, that it is cheaper than batteries which are designed for forklifts and also you can buy it everywhere. The performance and power between car accumulator and battery which is designed for electric forklift is the same.

What are the advantages of an electric stacker?

The advantages of electric stackers are immeasurable. They eliminate heavy manual lifting and speed up manipulating with pallets and other objects. Electric stackers are economical, powerful, affordable, ergonomic, and they are very easy to use. These are but a few characteristic features that describe the new generation of electric stackers. They will effectively lower the cost of transporting and at the same time help save time that would otherwise be at least quadrupled if handled for manual moving or lifting goods. You will be able to use a new electric stacker for many years, as it keeps its power as well as its performance during operation. For any additional information or advice on purchasing, please feel free to contact us. We will help you find the most appropriate solution for your needs.

7SMITH Electric pallet truck Walky 1500kg 1.5 ton priceService of the electric pallet stacker

Our highly trained service staff are equipped with all the needed tools and spare parts required for servicing and repair, therefore we can usually fix the electric pallet stacker within the duration of one or two weeks. If something is wrong with the electric stacker, you can contact us and we will send you the location where you should ship the damaged electric stacker to.

Electric pallet stackers for heavy lifting

3-Wheel Electric Lift Truck 1500kg, 450cmIn our range of battery strapping tools, you can also find the electric pallet stackers made specifically for heavy lifting. These electric pallet stackers have high tension power. They are specifically designed for cargo that is very heavy and highly unstable. They are equipped with immense power and they are very stable.

Although using an electric stacker is relatively safe some safety precautions are required of the user. The electric stacker must be used by properly trained people. When an electric stacker is used by untrained staff or is used carelessly it can damage the pallet or a vehicle. You should never move or lift goods that are badly sealed and never use the straps as a means of pulling or lifting goods as they were not designed for this use and thus aren’t adequate for such operations. Ensure that employees are standing in a safe position during the lifting cycle. For using an electric stacker professional training is not required.