Shrink Wrapping machines

Shrink wrapping machine adopts film to wrapping products and boxes through heating the shrink film. In this way, the appearance of items shows, and the aesthetics and value of items improve. Moreover, the film guards the items against external shocks and keeps off fragmentation, especially for containers. Our shrink wrapping machines can cut, shrink and wrap at one time. The whole shrinking and wrapping setting can be adjusted in practical modules on the control panel. Our chamber shrinking machines have a solid structure in steel, latest-generation electronics with a user-friendly control panel. They have a bigger worktable and several technical details that improve their performances. Our shrink wrapping machines are easy to use. The process of shrink-wrapping the product in the thermal film is very simple. First, the operator inserts the product into the stretch film, places it in a chamber where the sealing and shrinking process takes place simultaneously. If you want to further speed up the process of wrapping the product, the process of shrinking the foil is separated and takes place in a separate tunnel.

Shrink wrapping machines have ISO, CE, and other needed certificates and are in compliance with all EU standards and regulations. The price of a Shrink wrapping machine varies from a few thousand euros. Shrink wrapping will protect your products and make them more appealing.

We offer a wide range of high-quality and affordable shrink wrapping machines. On our website you can find the following types of shrink wrapping machines:

  • L-Sealers Shrink wrapping machines
  • Automatic Side Seal Shrink Wrappers
  • Shrink Tunnels
  • Shrink Bundling

Shrink wrapping machines have a warranty and are serviced in Europe. We offer fast delivery to your address in Europe.

  • Shrink wrapping machine B4255

    Original price was: 2,200€.Current price is: 1,799€.
  • Shrink wrapper T5040

    Original price was: 3,400€.Current price is: 2,899€.
  • AUTOSHRINK Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine 55 x 45 x 15cm

    Original price was: 32,000€.Current price is: 28,990€.

About Shrink Wrapping machines

Shrink wrapper T5040

Shrink Wrapping is a process that involves the application of temperature-sensitive films. When heat is applied to the film it shrinks tightly to whatever it is covering. Shrink wrapping equipment is available for a variety of product sizes and in both automatic and semi-automatic formats. At Crawford Packaging, we can help you find the right shrink wrap machines that are tailored to your operation’s unique needs.

The versatility and multiple benefits of shrink wrap mean that it is used for an extensive number of products and materials.

Shrink wrap performs the key function of protecting goods against dust, moisture and dirt. That is important for all products, but essential for food and pharmaceuticals. Because of the effectiveness of the seal, fully shrink-wrapped goods also stay in optimum condition for longer than if exposed to the atmosphere.

Typically, shrink wrap is stronger than overwrapping or stretch wrapping. The film is usually based on polyolefin, PVC, polyethylene, or polypropylene. It comes in a variety of strengths, thicknesses, and clarity, so it can be used for different products according to weight and the level of protection required, including the need for protection from light.

Shrink wrapping machine B4255Shrink wrap also holds its shape very well, so products always look their best, which is a critical consideration for consumer products. It clearly shows if there has been any interference or tampering, an issue of prime importance for cheese, meats, prepared meals, and pharmaceuticals, as well as bundles of currency or sensitive documents.

Compared to cardboard and plastic, shrink wrap is very space-efficient, taking up no more room in storage, transport, or on the shelf than the products themselves. It is also lighter, so it is easier and less costly to handle and transport. It is suitable for products or groups of products of all kinds, shapes, and sizes. It is often used for groups of bottles or cans, or to combine products in a multipack.

Shrink wrap is often used for transit wrapping and protective packaging for larger items, such as doors or even bricks on a pallet. It is also used to wrap and protect scaffolding, roofs, cars, vans, boats, and loaded pallets.

Shrink Wrapping machines price

shrink tunnel wrapping machine SHRINK MAX

The price of the Shrink Wrapping Machine depends on various factors and on the type of machine which you need. The prices of shrink wrapper vary from a few thousand euros to ten thousand euros. The price depends on the type of shrink wrapping machine, the number of outputs per minute if the shrink tunnel is included and the size of the sealing area. Also, another key factor is if the shrink wrapping machine has a powerful motor and its type.

Types of Shrink wrapping machines

L-Sealers Shrink wrapping machines

L Sealing Shrink Wrappers are the optimal shrink film applicator for smaller product sizes. A heated arm is raised and lowered as products pass underneath. Shrink film is then heated and sealed around the product. This ensures the proper amount of shrink film is applied to each product.

Automatic Side Seal Shrink Wrappers

Automatic side seal shrink wrap machines are high-speed continuous motion shrink packagers. A conveyor system moves products through the machine while mechanical arms trim and seal the shrink film. The continuous pace allows for faster pack times and in-feed systems ensure the right amount of shrink film is applied.

Shrink Tunnels

Shrink tunnels are the heart of shrink wrap systems. Shrink tunnels move products along conveyor systems while maintaining an even consistent temperature. This improves the shrink wrap process allowing for equal wrap application around the entire product.

Shrink Bundling

Shrink Bundling machines use a horizontal sealing arm to wrap trays of products like cans. A Shrink Bundler is a great secondary packaging application for finished products ready for unitization.

How do Shrink Wrapping machines work?

How a shrink wrapping machine operates depends on the type of shrink wrapping machine involved. The three significant kinds of shrink wrapping machines are the chamber sealer, the L-sealer, and a side sealer.

A chamber sealer puts the product with the shrink wrap film through a compartment, or chamber, where the shrink wrap is ready to be wrapped around the product. The compartment is heated, so the shrink wrap then compresses, surrounding the product and forming a protective layer. The time this process takes depends on the thickness of the plastic.

The L-type machine with a tunnel is specially designed for larger quantities of products, as the process of wrapping the product in foil is faster. A slightly cheaper option is an L-type machine with a chamber, where the entire foil shrinkage process is performed in a chamber.

The L-type machine with a tunnel has two sealing rods that form an L-shape (hence the name). The shrinkable foil is folded along these rods to create a pocket for product entry through the crease fold. Once your product is placed in this crease, the other three sides of the shrink film should be sealed. Once the product is completely in the machine, the process of wrapping the product with foil begins. The product then normally travels to a tunnel in the production line, which heats the wraps of foil attached to the product and heats it until it fits snugly to the product.

Finally, side sealer is the quickest and most versatile way of packaging large volumes of products. They wrap products in a continuous tube of film, sealing one side of the package then separating individual units downstream through a cross seal. Side sealers usually come in one of two configurations: two belts or three belts. A two-belt sealer is more compact (only slightly bigger than an L-sealer) and eliminates one of the infeed belts to make the end seal before the side seal. They are best when you need to wrap longer products but cannot afford to expand production line lengths. Three belt sealers are slightly larger than two belt sealers and have the added advantage of precisely spacing the products before entering the wrapping area.

What are the advantages of Shrink Wrapping machines?

A further key advantage is that shrink wrap machinery and materials are relatively low-cost. Smaller producers and operations can use simple shrink wrap machines with limited outlay, using either manual or semi-automatic processes. The higher investment allows for fully automatic systems, with savings on labor and the avoidance of tedious and repetitive manual work.

Improved Shrink Wrap Efficiency

Shrink wrap packaging machines provide a quick and efficient alternative to hand shrinking your products. Previously employees would spend valuable time using handheld heat guns to cause the shrinking process. With shrink tunnel technology, we can streamline the shrinking process. Wrapped products travel through the tunnel on a moving conveyor ensuring an even shrink. The hands-free process allows for increased throughput and faster pack times

Eliminate Harmful Burns and Fires

Hand held heat guns are often fueled by propane and can be very dangerous. Operating at temperatures upwards of 600 degrees Celsius heat guns can cause serious burns or fires. Shrink Wrap machines eliminate these dangers by containing the heat for the shrinking process. Shrink tunnels have protected openings and safety features to limit the risk of employee injury and fires.

Shrink Wrap Machines Are Small

Take back your floor space. Shrink wrap equipment can offer a smaller profile than other containment options. The shrink system consists of two parts. The sealer and the shrink tunnel. These components can be installed right next to each other or farther apart, depending on available space.

Space gains with shrink wrap are not limited to the machines. In many cases, the products being wrapped will be reduced in size. This reduction in size will increase available space for product storage. This benefit can translate directly into cost savings by reducing freight costs due to increased shipping volumes.

How Does Shrink Wrapping Work?

Many of us don’t really think about how a shrink wrap machine works or how the plastic ends up wrapped tightly around the product. However, it is about controlling and manipulating polymer particles; polymers are long atoms found in plastic, where they are generally twisted and arbitrary, and therefore unsuitable to act as a wrap. When they are made into a plastic film for shrink wrapping, the molecules are extended straight into a thin layer, perfect for wrapping around another product.

This film is then positioned around whatever needs to be wrapped. Once the warmth is connected to the film, it shrinks, because the heat makes the polymers come back to their regular tangled state. How much a polymer shrinks depends on what kind of polymer it is: PVC shrink wrap film can shrink as much as 50 percent of its unique size, while polyolefin shrink wrap film shrinks slightly less, despite offering stronger seals than PVC.