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Apart from highly capable machines and tools, we really appreciate the responsiveness of the team and fast delivery. It makes all the difference in a highly demanding production like ours.

Relaxroll.de - GermanyMr.Matia Buc

The flexibility in supplying us with the right product for every task is crucial for us. A great partner.

jptprotech.se - SwedenMr.Rickard Nilsson

We have been looking for a partner for packing materials and packing machines that you can rely on, it is convenient and supplies ordered goods within the time you have agreed upon. We are very pleased with the delivery, quality and price for now.

Regal d.o.o. - SloveniaMr. Danilo Knap

A reliable partner is crucial in every business. With Robomatis, all the orders to date have been fulfilled as agreed, and the machines work perfectly. It’s always a pleasure to collaborate with such a professional team.

Brdnik - SloveniaMr.Simon Logar

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PRESTRETCH pallet wrapping machine: reduce the cost of film by 36%

If you work in a warehouse or distribution center, you know how important it is to secure your pallets for transport. Pallets that are not properly wrapped can result in damaged goods, lost inventory, and increased transportation costs. But what if there was a way to reduce the costs associated with pallet wrapping? Well, there […]

ABC of packing/strapping

Packing/strapping  basics Packaging or otherwise called strap linking is a process in which the strap is used in order to secure the item to a substrate, stabilize it or strengthen it. A strap can be also called a packing belt. Packaging is mainly popular in the manufacturing industry. Steel strapping/packing Steel straps are those that […]

All you need to know about polypropylene (PP strap)

All you need to know about polypropylene (PP tape) PP strap is a thermoplastic addition polymer, made from a combination of polypropylene monomers. It is used for various applications, but it is especially useful for packing consumer goods, plastic parts for various industries, including the automotive industry, etc. … Polypropylene was discovered in 1951 and […]

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