Packing machines

Packing machines are essential machines that are used all around the world to speed up the packing process. Packaging machines increase efficiency and lower operation cost in production lines, distribution centers, warehouses, and many other industries. Packaging machines complete the packing process step by step. There are several types of packaging machines available such as sealing machines, filling machines, strapping machines, wrapping machines, coding machines, and labeling machines.

Packaging machines can be used for strapping, sealing, or wrapping boxes of various sizes or pallets. Automatic packing machines completely automatize the strapping, sealing, or wrapping process depending on the packing machine. Semi-automatic packing machines automatize part of the packaging process, however, some activities will still need to be done manually by the employee. On the other hand, manual packing machines automate only some specific tasks in the whole process.  Packaging machines use straps, film or BOPP, or Kraft tape.

We offer a wide range of high-quality and affordable packing machines. On our website you can find the following types of packaging machines:

  • Strapping machines
  • Pallet wrapping machines
  • Carton sealer
  • Case erectors or formatting machines for folding boxes
  • Shrink wrapping machines

Packing machines have a warranty and are serviced in Europe. We offer fast delivery to your address in Europe.

  • Ramp for Pallet wrapping machine SMARTWRAP-X

  • HIPO Semi-automatic Strapping Machine 5-15mm (3/16″ to 9/16″) Banding Machine for plastic PP strap

  • HIPO BOX Semi-automatic Strapping Machine PP strap 6-15mm

  • Flexible conveyor width 460mm, length 1200-4800mm, height 600-1000mm

    Original price was: 1,400€.Current price is: 1,299€.
  • Box Wrapping Machine P409

    Original price was: 1,600€.Current price is: 1,299€.
  • Shrink wrapping machine B4255

    Original price was: 2,200€.Current price is: 1,799€.
  • FLEX TAPE Semi automatic Carton Sealer 48-72mm (Kraft or BOPP tape)

    Original price was: 2,199€.Current price is: 1,899€.
  • FLEX BOX Semi automatic Case Erector

    Original price was: 2,699€.Current price is: 2,199€.
  • ECOBAND-S Paper & OPP banding machine 12mm

    Original price was: 2,600€.Current price is: 2,199€.
  • AUTOMA Automatic Strapping Machine for PP strap 9-12mm

    Original price was: 2,999€.Current price is: 2,599€.
  • COMBO Pallet Semi-automatic Strapping Machine PET/PP strap 9-16mm

    Original price was: 3,360€.Current price is: 2,799€.
  • ECOBAND-B4620 Paper & OPP strapping machine 30mm

    Original price was: 3,200€.Current price is: 2,799€.
  • HIPO PRO High speed Automatic Strapping Machine 5-12mm

  • Shrink wrapper T5040

    Original price was: 3,400€.Current price is: 2,899€.
  • Box wrapping machine SMARTWRAP B3 PRESTRETCH

    Original price was: 3,400€.Current price is: 2,899€.
  • Stretch wrapping machine SMARTWRAP-X

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  • Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapper EASY-IN

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  • Pallet wrapping machine SMARTWRAP X2 with Scale 2000kg

    Original price was: 4,400€.Current price is: 3,899€.
  • TOP TAPE Automatic Box Taping Machine Carton Sealer 48-72mm (Kraft or BOPP tape)

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Packing machines

While there are many different types of packaging machinery, the most common include; shrink tunnels, pallet wrappers, case erectors, sealers, carded packaging machines, and form, fill and seal machines. There can be a lot of guesswork when it comes to finding the most reliable packaging machinery from various different brands.

Which packing machine is most suitable

However, as a distributor, we offer multiple brands. Each of the brands we offer has its own strengths and weaknesses. It goes without saying that researching a few different brand offerings for each piece of equipment you are planning to invest in is a very important step in this process. This will ensure that you choose the right machine for your company’s budget, needs, capabilities, and product offerings.

When considering which machines are the fastest, most reliable, or easiest to repair, we always start by looking at the customer rather than the machine.

Price is certainly a consideration for all customers, which is why the design of the machine is so important. Fewer parts often equal fewer things to break. Some newer machines don’t have the wear-and-tear that a pneumatic air cylinder might have, for example. Though, sometimes the benefits of the pneumatic air cylinder might justify the expense.

Intelligent Pallet Wrapper SMARTWRAP-X PRE-STRETCH

Types of Packing machines

Pallet Wrappers

Pallet wrappers (or stretch wrappers) are ubiquitous in many packaging lines across the globe. Boasting significant cost savings for large operations over manual wrapping, using a pallet wrapper also maximizes the stretch capabilities of your stretch film. This ensures that you save both time and money.

Strapping machines

AUTOMA automatic strapping machine cheap

Strapping is an excellent solution for securing goods for transportation and storage. It can be used to secure almost anything, from fragile products to cumbersome loads. The products to be strapped can be packed in cardboard or packaged. This process is mainly used to strap pallets and attach goods together.

There are three types of strapping machines: automatic, semi-automatic and manual. For packaging lines that need to strap large volumes of packages, automated strapping machines, which can be automatic or semi-automatic, are strongly recommended. They speed up the process considerably by automatically tightening and fixing the straps.

There are different structures of automated strapping machines, either arch or tabletop, and for greater mobility, you can also use portable strapping tools or manual or electric strap tensioners.

Automatic case sealer TOP TAPECarton sealers

Carton sealers (also known as tape machines or tapers) are used in production lines, distribution centers, and warehouses. Carton sealers seal the box on top and bottom, they can be used also for side sealing, automatic flap closure, box folding, etc. depending on the level of automation. Carton sealer machines can seal identical or varying box sizes.  Carton sealers use BOPP or Kraft tape, where different wide or narrow tape can be used in the sealing process.

Case Erectors

FLEX Box Semi automatic Case ErectorCase erectors are machines that unfold or erect cardboard boxes to be filled with products. There are manual, semi-automatic, and automatic versions of this type of machine. On a manual machine, a human is required to unfold the box, fold, and or tape the flaps of the box into form by hand or by a taping machine, and the box is then sent down a conveyor or handed off to the next employee.

Semi-automatic erectors, complete the second and/or third steps automatically via a conveyor belt that moves the box through areas that force it into the correct shape. The erected box is then moved into a pile by conveyor or by hand. An automatic case erector uses mechanical elements such as a robotic arm to remove a box from a pile, unfold it and place it onto an automated conveyor belt. The box then travels the conveyor and it is filled with product and sealed either mechanically or by simple human interaction.

Shrink wrapping machinesShrink wrapping machines

Sealers are the machines in your packaging line that sit prior to the heat tunnel for shrink film applications. A conveyor sends your products down a line where they are placed inside of a shrink film bag. Next, the products pass under a heating element that descends from above, clamping down upon the bag and sealing it.

This takes place on both sides of your product producing contents that are now loosely sealed inside of a shrink film bag. Finally, the product moves into the heat tunnel where the film is heated, uniformly wrapping the shrink film around your product.