Carton sealers

Carton sealers (also known as tape machines or tapers) are used in production lines, distribution centers, and warehouses. Carton sealers seal the box on top and bottom, they can be used also for side sealing, automatic flap closure, box folding, etc. depending on the level of automation.

Carton sealer machines can seal identical or varying box sizes. Automatic carton sealers and Semi-automatic carton sealers automatically adjust their weight and height so the box fits perfectly. Manual carton sealers are perfect when most boxes are the same dimensions or when parcels are sealed in batches since height and width need to be adjusted manually.  Carton sealers use BOPP or Kraft tape, where different wide or narrow tape can be used in the sealing process.

We offer a wide range of high-quality and affordable carton sealers. On our website you can find the following types of carton sealers, depending on the level of automation:

  • Case erectors or formatting machines for folding boxes
  • Manual carton sealers
  • Semi-automatic carton sealer
    • Semi-automatic carton sealer – automatically adjust weight and height
    • Semi-automatic carton sealer – automatically close the top fold of the box
  • Automatic carton sealer

Carton sealers have a warranty and are serviced in Europe. We offer fast delivery to your address in Europe.

AUTO-TAPE Automatic Carton Sealer 48-72mm (Kraft or BOPP tape) priceCarton sealers

Carton sealers (also known as tape machines or tapers) can streamline the packaging process in your production, making them highly efficient. Our carton sealers are available for almost any task: For sealing of identical or varying box sizes, for wide or narrow tape, for top and bottom sealing, side sealing, automatic flap closure, etc. We also offer a wide range of accessories, e.g. packaging tables with bottom flap folders. Each case sealer includes a complete spare parts list, a user manual, a tool, and spare parts set containing the most common parts.

Types of Carton sealers

There are different types of carton sealers on the market. The main difference between the types is the level of automatization of box creation, folding and taping process.

Case erectors or formatting machines for folding boxes

FLEX Box Semi automatic Case Erector priceCase erectors or formatting machines for folding boxes will take a folded cardboard box and build it, or erect it, as the name says. It will square up a box then seal the bottom and make it ready to be packed.

The average person takes about 20 seconds to put a box together while even a low-speed case erector takes about 7 seconds. That means a box can be made in literally one-third of the time by a machine than by a person. Plus, by putting boxes together faster, while taking far less overall time, the labor cost per assembled box is also cut down by two-thirds, and that makes a case erector much more cost-effective to use than a paid employee.

Manual carton sealer

Manual carton sealers put the tape on the top and the bottom of the box. However, the width and height of the carton sealer machine need to be manually adjusted, as well employee needs to manually fold the top of the box and push it in the carton sealer. Manual carton sealer machines are not the best choice if you have many packages of different sizes, since width and height need to be manually adjusted. They are affordable and a great option for packaging lines where parcels are standardized, and products are manually added in the box by employees in from of the carton sealer since employees will need to stand close to the machine and manually fold the top of the box.

Semi-automatic carton sealer

Semi-automatic carton sealers are great to have on hand if you need to pack many boxes of different sizes. With intuitive, easy-to-use functions, these box tapers are fast and efficient to help you save time and money. These smart carton sealers are adjustable and create clean, uniform seals across any carton. Simply and quickly adjust the machine to the width and height of the box you’re sealing and it will apply the same amount of tape to each box. They’re designed to work best when sealing many boxes of the same size during each product run. There are two types of Semi-automatic carton sealers. One can automatically adjust weight and height and the other can automatically close the top fold of the box.

Automatic case sealer TOP TAPESemi-automatic carton sealer – automatically adjust weight and height

Semi-automatic carton sealers that automatically adjust weight and height are ideal for distribution centers or packing lines where the different sizes of boxes are used. The carton sealer will automatically detect the width and height of the box and adjust its height and width automatically. This will speed up the box sealing process since you will not have to manually adjust those setting on the carton sealer.

Semi-automatic carton sealer – automatically close the top fold of the box

Semi-automatic carton sealers that automatically close the top fold of the box are perfect for production lines because they eliminate the need that someone needs to stand near the carton sealer machine and close the folds of the box so the machine can seal the top of the box.

Automatic carton sealer

Automatic carton sealers can close all four top case flaps and seal the top and bottom. The adjustable plow system provides the utmost flexibility for varying types of carton sealing applications and provides a great alternative to hand taping. The Automatic Carton Sealers are great to improve packing speed and efficiency. Automatic Carton Sealer packing machine automates the process of gluing the tape to the top and bottom of the box. The productivity of the packaging process increases since the number of sealed boxes per minute usually increases by several times. An automatic box-closing machine with adhesive tape is easy to use and can be operated by a person without prior professional training. With a heavy-duty frame and a 4 column support structure, they are a long-lasting investment for your production line. The machine is developed for sealing cartons and for the purpose of sealing cartons only.

Save time with reliable carton sealers

The simple, proven design of our carton sealers is based on ergonomic principles, making them highly user-friendly, safe to use, and easy to maintain. At the same time, the simple yet rugged build guarantees a high level of operational reliability and extended service life – even when used daily to close your cartons hour after hour.

The carton sealers close the boxes quickly and easily always with the same high-quality closure level, thus sparing your employees time-consuming, manual work whilst you avoid exposing employees to physically strenuous tasks. As such, an automatic carton sealer is an operational investment that not only increases productivity but also brings with it vast improvements in the work environment.

FLEX Box Case Erector + Flex Tape case sealerHow to pick the right carton sealer

To find the optimal carton sealer for your application, several questions need to be checked: What do the cartons look like (carton type and dimensions)? Are the carton dimensions always the same or do they vary? How should the cartons be closed (tape width, tape overlap, manual or automatic flap closure)? How many cartons are to be packed every day? What is packed in the cartons (heavy, light, or fragile material)? How will the cartons be handled after closure (transport, palletizing, film wrapping, production management, labeling, etc.)?

Tape dispensers guarantee optimal case sealing

The heart of the case sealers is the tape dispenser. Over the years, this key component has been constantly improved based on practical experience and user input to become the optimal packaging tool. The hub brake can be adjusted to fit different tape types, whilst the tape roll hub can be precisely set to the tape width in use. The rear roller arrangement is a unique component in our dispensers, ensuring firm case sealing. The dispensers can be optionally fitted with a monitor and alarm system to ensure perfect sealing.

Get a total solution for your packaging line needs

The case sealers constitute only a part of our modular product range including palletizing equipment, case erectors, pallet stretch wrappers, and a comprehensive range of conveyors.

To learn more about how we can supply a fully customized total solution with our standard modules for a drastic boost in efficiency and productivity at your site, please check our other packing machines.