Strapping bands

Strapping bands play a vital role in the process of strapping or banding, which involves securing and bundling products together. This process utilizes various materials, such as metal straps, plastic straps, or cord straps, to unitize, palletize, or bundle items. Strapping finds application across diverse industries, from shipping large industrial equipment and lumber to reinforcing cases in e-commerce fulfillment centers. Our packing straps come in a wide range of options, catering to different needs and budgets. We not only provide top-quality strapping bands and also offer quantity discounts.

Strapping Bands are important components when it comes to securing your goods, and we understand the importance of having reliable tools for this task. We offer a wide range of affordable high-quality strapping bands, stretch films, and adhesive tapes. We understand the primary role that strapping bands play in protecting your products and ensuring they reach their destination in perfect condition. Each of our strapping bands is thoroughly structured from top-notch materials and innovatively engineered, promising outstanding strength, reliability, and durability.

We offer a wide range of high-quality and affordable strapping bands. On our website you can find the following types of strapping bands:

  • PET strap
  • PP strap
  • Steel strap
  • Composite Cord Strapping
  • Woven Cord (textile) Strapping
  • Stretch film
  • Adhesive tape
  • Thermoshrink Film

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  • 12mm OPP band for automatic banding machine – 150m/unit

  • Textile straps 16mm or 19mm – Ø76mm

  • Cord strapping WG 13mm, 16mm, 19mm, 25mm or 32mm – Ø200mm

  • Plastic PP polypropylene strap – 12mm or 15,5mm

  • PET strap – 12mm or 15,5mm, 19mm or 25mm

  • Stretch film – 500mm/23my – 16 kg – for pallet wrapping machine

  • Steel strap 16 x 0.5mm – 25kg

  • Adhesive tape BOPP 48mm/66m brown/transparent – 72units/box

  • POF shrink film – Heat shrink wrap – 15my – Width 200-550mm

  • Textile strap for waste bales 16mm – 340m – 4 units

  • 30mm Paper band for Automatic Banding Machine – 150m – 56 units

  • Cord strap 13 – 32 mm – 54 units – pallet

  • Adhesive tape BOPP 48mm/66m brown/transparent – pallet – 3024 units

  • Steel strap 16×0,5mm – 1000kg – 40 units – pallet

  • PET strap 12-19 mm pallet – 54 units


Strapping bands

Strapping bands are a crucial part of the packaging process, ensuring the safety and security of your goods during shipping, moving, or storage. We take great pride in offering a vast selection of packaging straps to meet diverse packaging requirements. Our high-quality packing straps provide strong solutions that streamline your operations and safeguard your packages throughout transit.

The price of a strapping band depends on several factors, one of them is how strong the packing strap is, and another factor is the width of the strap and length. Wider and stronger strapping bands are more expensive. Price of strapping bands also depends on the type of packing strap. We offer a quantity discount, the more units you will buy the cheaper the strapping bands will be. With years of experience in the field we offer the ideal solution to fit your application, whether you need heavy-duty Polyethylene (PET) for securing heavy goods, Woven Cord Strapping for long-distance shipments, or Adhesive Tape for regular home uses.

We are committed to presenting environmentally accountable options. Our Composite Cord Strapping made from recyclable materials, provides you with performance-driven sustainability choices, contributing to a greener and more responsible packaging approach. With our comprehensive range of high-quality of products, you can rest assured that your goods will be protected and securely packaged for their journey, no matter the destination.

Our Premium Strapping bands 

Each of our straps is carefully constructed and assembled to deliver superior performance, ensuring your packages stay intact and secure throughout their journey.

  1. Plastic PET strap 12mm, 16mm and 19mm for packing pallets(PET) Polyester Strapping bands
    PET Polyester strapping bands are acknowledged for their remarkable resistance to elongation and robust tensile strength. These straps are perfect for binding bulky items like machinery, logs, or steel coils. The excellent elasticity of the polyester material allows you to tightly bundle and secure a variety of package sizes and shapes. These bands are suited for outdoor applications since they retain their strength even after sustained exposure to UV light.
  2. Plastic PP strap 12 and 16mm for packing palletsPlastic PP polypropylene strapping bands
    Our plastic PP polypropylene strapping bands are a good choice if you’re looking for a strapping solution that’s affordable but reliable. These straps are durable enough to bind cartons, packages, and other lightweight items in place while still being lightweight and handy. Though they do not have the same tensile strength as polyester straps, these straps are significantly utilized in areas like e-commerce and general product delivery and are an excellent value for lightweight packaging needs.
  3. Steel strap 16mm priceSteel Strap
    Our Steel Strap is the ultimate solution when it comes to heavy-duty strapping needs. Built from strong steel, this strapping band guarantees maximum protection for your material shipments. Its high tensile strength and resistance to impact and abrasion make it the go-to choice for industrial applications and demanding packaging tasks. Rest easy knowing your valuable goods are held together with the unparalleled strength of our Steel Strap.
  4. Composite corded strap 16mm, 19mm or 25mm cheapComposite Cord Strapping
    Composite cord strapping is a usual alternative when carrying heavy goods. It is made from recyclable materials; this strapping band delivers exceptional performance while being gentle on the environment. Its exceptional design combines the strength of corded polyester with the flexibility of high-performance polymer coatings. The result? A strapping solution that provides the ideal balance between durability and sustainability. Ensure your loads with confidence, knowing you’ve chosen a responsible choice in Composite Cord Strapping
  5. Textile straps 16mm or 19mm priceWoven Cord (textile) Strapping
    Our woven cord strapping is a reliable substitute for heavy-duty applications because it provides the strength of steel straps without the threat of corrosion. These straps are made of polyester yarns with a high tensile strength that is woven together to make a strong strapping solution. Whether you’re bundling construction materials, waste bales, or securing agricultural products, Woven Cord Strapping bands deliver excellent performance in a wide range of applications. Count on its robustness to keep your packages intact throughout their journey.
  6. Machine stretch film - 500mm/23my - 16 kg - for pallet wrapping machinesStretch film
    Out Stretch Film achieves flawless load stability. Perfect for pallet wrapping and combining goods, this film provides excellent cling and flexibility to secure your products firmly. Protecting your packages from moisture, dust, and damage, our Stretch Film ensures that your items remain in pristine condition during transportation and storage.
  7. Adhesive tape BOPP 48mm/66m brownAdhesive tape
    Dependable and versatile, our Adhesive Tape is a must-have in any packaging toolkit. Whether sealing boxes, bundling items, or supporting packages, our tape ensures a strong and durable bond. With exceptional adhesion properties, you can trust that your parcels are securely sealed, ready to withstand the rigors of shipping.
  8. Thermoshrink film, thickness 15 my,Thermoshrink Film
    Thermoshrink Film is perfect for packaging irregularly shaped or bulky items. This film conforms tightly to your products upon heating, creating a fitted and secure wrapping. It not only provides tamper evidence but also increases the overall appearance of your packages. Trust in the superior performance of our Thermoshrink Film to elevate your packaging efficiency.

Why Choose Our strapping bands?

  1. Exceptional Strength
    Our strapping bands are engineered using premium-grade materials, guaranteeing they possess exceptional tensile strength. Rest assured, your packages will stay securely fastened throughout the whole transit process.
  2. Quantity discount
    At our company, we not only provide top-quality strapping bands but also offer quantity discounts to our valued customers. Whether you need a few units or a bulk order, we have you covered. Our packing straps come in a wide range of options, catering to different needs and budgets.
  3. Reliable Security
    When it comes to packaging, nothing is more critical than maintaining the integrity of your goods. Our strapping bands offer reliable security, stopping any accidental openings or damage during handling and transportation.
  4. Flexibility
    Our packaging strapping solutions are greatly flexible and useful to various packaging needs. Whether you need to secure heavy-duty pallets or delicate parcels, our strapping bands have got you covered.
  5. Ease of Use
    Simplify your packaging process with our user-friendly strapping bands. They are designed for effortless application and removal, saving you valuable time and effort.
  6. Cost-Effective
    We understand the importance of cost-efficient packaging solutions. Our strapping bands offer exceptional value for money, requiring exceptional performance at competitive prices.

Embrace the dependability and strength of our strapping bands and packaging essentials, designed to protect your shipments from start to finish. Whether you’re securing heavy loads or ensuring the integrity of your packages, our products have got you covered. Streamline your packaging process and deliver peace of mind to your customers with our premium selection of bands and packaging materials.

Experience the convenience and security that our strapping bands, which are reasonably priced, bring to your packaging processes. Don’t think twice to contact our helpful customer support team if you have any questions or need make-to-order suggestions. Invest in the best packaging straps today to strengthen the effectiveness of your packing!

Which strapping band should I choose?

When considering the applicable strapping band for your needs, you have several options to choose from. If you require a strong and durable strapping band, both the PET strap and Steel strap are excellent choices. PET strap, made from polyester, offers high tensile strength and minimal elongation, confirming secure packaging and dependable support during transport. On the other hand, Steel strap deals exceptional strength and is ideal for heavy-duty applications that require maximum load-bearing capacity. For more flexible and lightweight options, the PP strap is a cost-effective choice, providing reasonable strength and versatility. Depending on your specific requirements, you may also consider Composite Cord Strapping, Woven Cord (textile) Strapping, Stretch film, Adhesive tape, or Thermoshrink Film for different packaging needs. Assessing factors such as package weight, transport conditions, and budget will help you in selecting the most appropriate strapping band for your project.

What is the difference between different types of strapping bands?

Strapping Band TypeDescriptionAdvantagesDisadvantages
PET strapping bandsPET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) strapping bands are durable and high-tensile strapping band made from polyester. It offers excellent strength and is resistant to abrasion, making it ideal for heavy-duty applications.– High tensile strength

– Resistant to rust and corrosion

– Minimal elongation, ensuring load stability during transport

– Can be used in various weather conditions

– Not suitable for sharp-edged loads

 – Higher cost compared to PP strapping bands and some other alternatives

– PET strapping bands may be less flexible than other materials

PP strapping bandsPP (Polypropylene) strapping bands are lightweight and economical strapping band. It is commonly used for light to medium-duty bundling and packaging tasks. Although it has lower tensile strength compared to PET strapping bands or steel straps, it remains popular for its cost-effectiveness.– Lightweight and easy to handle– Suitable for use with automatic strapping machines

– Safe to use on various surfaces without causing damage

– Lower tensile strength compared to PET strapping bands and steel straps

 – Less resistant to UV radiation, limiting outdoor use

– Prone to elongation under heavy loads

Steel strapSteel strap is a heavy-duty strapping band made of steel, providing excellent strength and load-bearing capacity. It is commonly used for securing heavy or sharp-edged loads that require maximum security during transport.– Highest tensile strength among strapping bands

– Ideal for securing heavy and sharp-edged loads 

– Resistant to extreme temperatures and UV radiation

– Prone to rust and corrosion, requiring additional coatings for outdoor use

– Heavier and more challenging to handle compared to plastic straps

– Sharp edges can damage packaged goods if not handled carefully

Composite Cord StrappingComposite cord strapping is a combination of polyester cords and resin, offering a high-strength and weather-resistant solution. It is commonly used for medium to heavy-duty applications and is an excellent alternative to steel strapping.– High tensile strength similar to steel straps

– Safer to handle than steel straps due to its flexibility

– Non-corrosive and does not damage goods during transportation

 – Weather-resistant, suitable for outdoor applications

– Relatively higher cost than PP and PET strapping bands

– Less commonly available, limited vendor options

– Not suitable for extremely heavy loads

Woven Cord StrappingWoven cord strapping, also known as textile strapping, is made from woven polyester yarns. It offers high flexibility and is less likely to damage goods during transportation. It is suitable for securing irregularly shaped loads.– High flexibility and elasticity

– Does not damage goods or leave sharp edges

– Ideal for irregularly shaped loads and lightweight packaging

– Safe to handle and easy to dispose

– Lower tensile strength compared to other strapping bands

– Susceptible to UV radiation and may degrade over time when exposed to sunlight

– Less suitable for heavy and sharp-edged loadst

Stretch FilmStretch film is a plastic film commonly used for pallet wrapping and bundling. Although it is not a traditional strapping band, it provides unitization and protection for various loads.– Excellent unitization and load stability

 – Offers protection against dust, dirt, and moisture

– High elongation, allowing it to conform to irregular shapes

– Cost-effective and easy to apply

– Not as strong as strapping bands, may not be suitable for heavy-duty applications

– May require additional tools or equipment for efficient wrapping

– Limited recyclability compared to some other strapping materials

Adhesive TapeAdhesive tape is a versatile solution used for lightweight packaging and bundling. While it is not a strapping band, it is essential for various applications where strapping may not be suitable.– Easy and quick to apply

– Suitable for sealing and securing small packages

– Comes in various types and adhesive strengths for different needs

– Ideal for temporary or one-time use applications

– Limited tensile strength and load-bearing capacity

– May leave residue on surfaces when removed

– Not suitable for heavy or high-stress applications

Thermoshrink FilmThermoshrink film is a specialized plastic film used to secure and protect products by heat shrinking. Although not a strapping band, it is often used in conjunction with strapping to enhance load stability and security during transport.– Provides tight and secure wrapping

– Excellent protection against dust, moisture, and tampering

– Enhances load stability when used in combination with strapping bands

– Suitable for bundling multiple items together

– Requires heat application equipment for shrinking

– Limited elongation, may not be suitable for irregularly shaped loads

– May not be suitable for high-temperature or sensitive products


What is the difference between strapping and banding?

The terms “strapping” and “banding” are frequently used interchangeably, and in many contexts, they refer to the same process of securing items or packages together using straps or bands. However, there can be subtle differences in how the terms are used in specific industries or applications. 

Generally, “strapping” and “banding” both comprise the use of bands or straps made from materials like steel, polyester, polypropylene, or other types of materials. These bands are wrapped around objects to hold them together tightly and prevent shifting or damage during transportation or storage.

In some instances, “strapping” is used to refer to the process of securing heavy or large items, typically using thicker and stronger straps. It is often used in industrial applications for bundling construction materials, securing pallet loads, or stabilizing large equipment.

By contrast, “banding” can sometimes be associated with lighter or thinner straps used in less heavy-duty applications, such as banding small packages or securing lightweight items.

In conclusion, while there may be slight distinctions in how the terms are used, the primary concept remains the same – both strapping and banding involve the use of bands or straps to secure items for various packaging, shipping, or storage purposes.