Strapping machines

Strapping machines are used in the packing process to secure boxes and pallets with a strap. Strapping machines are designed to simplify your packaging process, saving you time and stress during peak periods. If you have a busy production line in your workplace, using an industrial strapping machine can ensure your products are tightly secured. With a strapping machine tensioning, cutting, and sealing processes can be automatized. Strapping machines speed up the strapping process considerably by automatically tightening and fixing the straps.

Strapping is an excellent solution for securing goods for transportation and storage. It can be used to secure almost anything, from fragile products to cumbersome loads. The products to be strapped can be packed in cardboard or packaged. This process is mainly used to strap pallets and attach goods together. Strapping machines will increase your productivity and speed up the packing process. Additionally, strapping machines are employee-friendly and safe to use.

We offer a wide range of high-quality and affordable strapping machines. On our website you can find the following types of strapping machines:

  • Semi-automatic strapping machine
  • Automatic strapping machine
  • Pallet strapping machine

Strapping machines have a warranty, ISO certificates, CE and are serviced in Europe. We offer fast delivery to your address in Europe.

Strapping machines

Strapping machines speed the strapping process and reduce operator fatigue by reducing the amount of physical labor required to manually strap and seal bundles. They are used in medium-to-high volume shipping applications, such as loading docks and fulfillment centers.

We offer a full line of automatic, semi-automatic, and custom strapping machines for almost every industry, application, and budget. Our model range contains machines designed to strap almost any size or type of parcel in a variety of different configurations.

We offer tabletop, roller top, side-seal, conveyorized, and fully automatic machines in standard to custom sizes for common to complex applications. The strength of our machinery lies in its versatility. You don’t need a specific pallet strapping machine or a plastic strapping machine – our equipment can handle almost any type of load.

How does the Strapping machine work

HIPO semi-automatic strapping machine 5-15mm (3/16" to 9/16") banding machine for plastic PP strap

Strapping machines are mostly used with Polypropylene (PP), Polietilen (PET), or Paper straps. Strapping machine provides fast packaging and strapping. Paper strap, Plastic PP, or PET strap is inserted in the strapping machine and it is used to be wrapped around the package. The semi-automatic machine enables quick and easy strapping of the packages.

Strapping machines are stable and provide reliable and efficient strapping. Special training for workers who operate a semi-automatic machine is not necessary. Our strapping machines are robust and do not require much maintenance. Both the use of the semi-automatic strapping machine and the replacement of the strap are very simple. Semi-automatic strapping machines are very quiet due to modern DC motorelectronic voltage control, and are also suitable for thinner PP tapes. In addition, half-automatic strapping machines are safe to handle and you do not need special training for workers to use them. An important advantage of our semi-automatic strapping machines is also to automatically adjust the tension of the strap to prevent damage to softer packages and to better protect larger products. The strapping machines are fairly narrow, so they can be easily moved through close spaces and they are robust enough to be used under any conditions. Safety at work, ease of use, efficiency and time-saving packaging, and quality are therefore excellences, we attach to our semi-automatic strapping machines.

Semi-automatic strapping machines tension and heat-seal plastic strapping in medium- to high-volume shipping applications, such as loading docks and fulfillment centers. Semi-automatic machines require the operator to feed the strapping around the package, while the machine automatically tensions and heat-seals the strappings. They speed up the strapping process and reduce operator fatigue by eliminating the need for workers to manually tension and seal strapping.

Strapping machine price

Semi automatic plastic strapping machine for PP strap

The price of strapping machine depends on multiple factors, however, the return on investment can be expected within months, when you consider the time saved during packagingincreased packing productivity, and direct savings on the cost of clips, seals. Additionally, employees will be more satisfied, since you will make their job easier and safer.

The prices of strapping machines vary from eight hundred to more than a thousand euros or in some cases a few thousand euros. The price of the strapping machine depends on qualitystability, power, mobility, and strap width.

What type of strapping machine should you use

As with almost every decision you make regarding your business, your product needs to be at the center. A warehouse dealing in high volumes would need a different machine to those who are rarely packaging products. Establishing an efficient pallet strapping process can be key to ensuring customer demands are met, and that your workplace stays tidy and organized.

Automatic Strapping machine

Using an automatic strapping machine is ideal for large-scale production. Once they’ve been properly set up, all you need to do is place your parcel or box on the dedicated space, press a button, and you’re done in seconds. As stated above, this includes tensioning and cutting, so you can simply lift your parcel and set up the next in line. Alternatively, automatic strapping machines can be placed in a packing line where the whole process of strapping is automatized.

Semi-automatic strapping machine

If you’re looking to strap your products quickly but need a more economical solution for your business. Then a semi-automatic strapping machine is a viable alternative. Requiring slightly more user interaction than the automatic options, it still boosts strapping efficiency. The main difference is that once the box or parcel has been placed on the equipment the operator simply has to feed through the strapping and engage the machine. Once completed, the semi-auto strapping machine effectively functions the same as the automatic strapping machine.

Pallet strapping machines

Strapping machines for pallet strapping are designed for strapping goods loaded on pallets. A pallet strapping machine is brought to the pallet and apply the straps at the appropriate positions. The pallet strapping machine will subsequently tighten the straps around the goods.

Pallet strapping machines are the professionals for forwarding agencies and large warehouses: A guide rail is slid under the pallet, with its help the strap is manually placed around the pallet and goods, and then tensioned, cut, and welded by the pallet strapping machine. Securing heavy Euro pallets takes only a few moments and saves the warehouse staff tedious and time-consuming manual work.

Battery strapping tools

For low-volume production lines, or if you want some more control over your strapping, our pallet strapping machine can help. Able to move vertically as well as horizontally, these lightweight machines are easy to handle. All you need to do is manually wrap the strapping around the item, then use the machine to tighten. Although it is ‘manual’, the extra control over your packaging abilities can offer security for your products while they sit in storage or when they’re on the move.

How to set strapping machine

First, you turn on the banding machine. Then you need to adjust the strap feeding and strap tension. To adjust the feeding, you need to press the “Feed button”, the longer you press the button, and the longer the strap will be. If the half-automatic strapping machine is not at the home position, press the HOME button so that the machine will return to its home position. Semi-automated banding machine has a high safety standard, if the top of the semi-automated banding machine is opened, the machine will stop running automatically.

How to use semi-automatic plastic strapping tool PP strap?

When you have a plastic strap in the machine, you need to pull the plastic strap out from the strap reel and check whether the strap head is down (if not, then you need to change the side of strap reel), thread straps out from the bottom of pulley A and from the top of pulley B. Then thread the strap through wheel C and thread it upwards to the strap slot D which is on the bottom board firstly, then thread it upwards along with the guide roll to the distance between rollers. Press the FEED button, then the straps will dispense automatically.

Straps for strapping machine

Some strapping machine uses Polypropylene or a shorter PP strap, other uses Polipropilen or PET strap and we also have strapping machines which use a Paper strap or OPP band. The width of the strap can vary. Most strapping machines cover width from 5mm and up to 15mm. On some models, even wider straps can be used. Our best-selling semi-automatic strapping machine (HIPO model) can be used for bonding PP straps of different widths (from 5mm to 15mm).

Strapping machine maintenance

Please be aware that we do not provide onsite repair for the semi-automatic strapping machine. However, we do provide spare parts for your strapping machine. Additionally, we provide an in-depth manual and map of spare parts.

Storage and transport of the strapping machine

For long-distance transport or long-term storage of the banding machine, a wooden or hardboard box package must be used, it must be fixed on the solid backing plate and a moisture absorption agent must be put in the box, anti-rust shall be sprayed inside the machine. Do not stack any heavy objects on top of the box. Do not transport and store the strapping machine upside down.