Manual strapping tool

Manual Strapping Tools are manual tensioners and strap sealers suitable for plastic PET or PP strapping, for textile & composite/corded strapping, and for steel strapping. Manual banding tools ensure cargo stability during transport, storage, and handling. Our manual banding tools are built with top-quality materials. They are built for longevity and flexibility guaranteeing their reliability in demanding industrial environments. With adjustable settings and various strap sizes our tensions our manual strapping tools will suit every packaging need. Manual strapping tools are used in warehouses, manufacturing facilities, logistics hubs, and distribution hubs. Manual banding tools assume a central role in accelerating packaging processes, simultaneously ensuring the safeguarding and steadiness of commodities during transportation.

Designed to boost your packaging operations, our Manual Strapping tools underwent thorough engineering to ensure quality and safety. By trusting our top-tier manual banding tools, you are not just investing in a product; you are investing in the safety of your products. We offer the best price and yet do not sacrifice quality.

Manual Strapping Tools involve several steps that attain securely fastening straps around packages, bundles, or pallets. Manual Strapping tools are crucial for ensuring the stability and integrity of goods during transit and storage. Various materials like high-quality steel and durable plastics are used in the engineering of manual banding tools to ensure long-lasting durability.

We offer a range of options that suit your needs in your company. Each of these manual banding tools caters to specific material and strapping requirements, presenting a variety of options for various industries and packaging needs:

  • Manual Banding Tool for Plastic PET and PP Strap
  • Manual Steel Strapping Tool with Seal Joint
  • Manual Strapping Tool for textile and cord strap

Our premium Manual Strapping Tools combine quality with affordability. We offer manual banding tools, crafted from top-quality materials, approved by thousands of European customers, and certified for quality assurance. We offer fast delivery of manual banding tools across Europe and the most competitive prices.

  • Seals for plastic PP strapping 13mm or 16mm

  • Wire buckets, Clips, Clamps for textile/composite strapping 16mm, 19mm or 25mm

  • Manual strapping tool for textile & composite/corded strap – 13-50 mm

  • Dispenser Cart for Textile band – Ø76mm

  • Manual strapping tool PPST-13/16 for PP strap 12/13mm and 15/16mm

    Original price was: 150€.Current price is: 119€.
  • Dispenser Cart for Cord/PP band HC2 – Ø200mm

    Original price was: 180€.Current price is: 139€.
  • Dispenser cart for PET/PP strap – 405/406mm

    Original price was: 189€.Current price is: 149€.
  • Dispenser Cart for Steel strap HS5

    Original price was: 200€.Current price is: 159€.
  • A3 sealless steel strapping tool 13-19mm

    Original price was: 400€.Current price is: 275€.
  • AIR19 Pneumatic Strapping Tool 13-19mm (1/2″ to 3/4″) Banding Tool for plastic PET and PP strap

  • BO-51 Manual sealless steel strapping tools 13-20mm

  • AIR DUO32 pneumatic steel tensioner & padlock

  • AIR Metal 19-32mm (3/4″ – 1 1/2″) – Pneumatic steel strapping tool with seal joint


Manual strapping tool PPST-13

Manual strapping tools

Manual strapping tools are crucial in the packing sector. They can be used for steel straps, textile or corded straps, as well as plastic PET and PP straps. High-quality components and meticulous engineering are our product’s distinguishing features since they guarantee enduring endurance. The benefit of manual strapping tools is their user-friendly design and smooth operations. Manual strapping equipment typically weighs between 1 and 5 kg, making them portable and lightweight. The packaging cycle is completed by expertly cutting the strap and sealing it with precise deformation buckles using manual strapping tools. View our selection of steel straps, textile & composite/corded straps, plastic PET or PP straps, and certified manual strapping tools.

Our manual strapping tools protect goods on pallets in warehousing and manufacturing, enhancing space efficiency and lowering the risk of damage. In logistics, our Manual banding tools ensure secure transport, minimizing risks during transit. Construction sites benefit from material bundling for safe transportation, while shipping and freight industries rely on them to avoid cargo displacement. In retail, these tools organize and secure merchandise, ensuring orderly presentation and secure delivery.

Manual strapping tools are high-quality manual strapping tools for strapping. The manual strapping tool has a straightforward structure and a strong level of durability. If replacements are required, they are easy and handy to change. The hand-packing tools weigh only 1 to 5 kg, which is incredibly little. To complete the packing operation, a hand strapping tool is used to tighten the strap, bend the buckle, and cut the strap. For steel strapping, textile & composite/corded strapping, and plastic PET or PP strapping, we sell various manual strapping instruments. Different strap widths can be used using manual strapping instruments. Therefore, you must first choose the strap width that will be sturdy enough to transport your things while choosing the strapping tool.

Manual strapping tools price

textile & composite/corded strap 25-50mm cheap priceThe price of manual strapping tools ranges from a few euros up to four hundred euros. Steel and sturdy plastic are typically used to make manual strapping tools. Our manual strapping tools ensure durability and dependability throughout shipping and packaging. The cost of hand-strapping instruments primarily relies on their intended use. The most expensive manual strapping instruments are often those for steel straps, next those for PP or PET, and the least expensive tools are those for textile and cord straps.

We have developed trustworthy and high-quality instruments for you to utilize in your packaging process thanks to our more than 30 years of expertise in the packaging solution industry. Our manual strapping tools, which weigh between 1 and 5 kg, are distinguished by their use of high-quality materials and meticulous engineering, ensuring durability. We offer manual strapping equipment for steel strap, textile & composite/corded, and PET or PP plastic strap.

Application of manual strapping tools

Manual strapping tools secure items with bands to prevent shifting during transportation. Manual straping tools are used by hand, they don’t need electricity or air source. Manual banding tools are commonly used in shipping, manufacturing, and warehousing for smaller operations or on areas without power.

Manual banding tool For steel strapping

Manual Strapping Tools for steel strap is designed to ensure secure and efficient sealless strapping. Ideal for industries such as manufacturing, logistics, and warehousing, these tools offer reliable tensioning and sealing. Boost your packaging process with ease and precision, guaranteeing durable packaging for various goods. Choose our Manual Strapping Tools for Manual Sealless Strapping for enhanced reliability in your strapping applications.

A3 Steel Strapping Tool

The A3 Steel Strapping Tool is a manual sealless combo for fastening 13-19mm wide steel straps around products or pallets. It’s buckle-free, saving on material costs. Steel straps firmly secure heavy/sharp items for safe transit or organized storage, curbing mess and space issues. Manual strapping tool for steel strapping A3 is suitable for 12.7-19mm wide and 0.38-0.7mm thick steel straps. Manual banding tool for steel strap A3 weighs only 3.9kg (8.6 lbs).

BO-51 Manual sealless steel strapping tools 13-20mm

BO-15 Manual sealless steel strapping tools BO-51BO-51 Manual Sealless Steel Strapping Tools is ideal for 13-20mm wide steel bands The manual banding tool B0-51 lasting tough conditions. The tool doesn’t need metal seals, which making strapping process quick. Comfortable shape reduces fatigue, boosts productivity. Portable for mobile jobs. Secure packages during transit for bundling, shipping, and palletizing.

Manual banding tool For Textile & Composite/Corded Strap

textile & composite/corded strap 13-19mm cheapManual banding Tools designed for Textile, Composite, and Corded Straps increase efficiency and precision in packaging, logistics, and manufacturing. Ideal for textile, composite, and related industries, ensuring secure and fast bundling for streamlined operations.

Manual strapping tool for textile & composite/corded strap – 13-50 mm

Our Manual strapping tool for textile & composite/corded strap is widely used in industries like paper, aluminum, steel, and wood. It’s easy to use, portable, and has a strong tightening force due to its unique design. Ideal for steel, aluminum ingots, and heavy packaging. Made of tough alloy, it’s durable, safe, and offers three strap size choices: 13-19mm, 19-25mm, and 25-50mm.

Manual banding tool For PP Strap

Manual banding tools designed for PP Strap application are engineered for durability and efficiency. Manual Strapping Tools for PP Strap offer seamless tensioning and sealing, ensuring secure cargo bundling. Ideal for industries spanning logistics, manufacturing, and construction, our Manual Strapping Tools for PP Strap guarantee optimal performance, enhancing packaging processes and safeguarding shipments with precision.

Manual strapping tool PPST-13/16 for PP strap 12/13mm and 15/16mm

Manual strapping tool PPST-13/16 can be used for PP strap 12/13mm and 15/16mm. Built strong for lasting use, it excels in tensioning, buckling, and cutting PP straps. Manual strapping tool for PP strap is lightweight at 2.75 kg, perfect for packaging with 12/13 mm or 15/16 mm PP straps. To seal the strap the tool needs metal buckles.

High-quality manual strapping tools

We take pride in offering premium hand banding tools and packaging options that are renowned for their enduring toughness, effectiveness, and adaptability. Even in the most demanding operations, our hand-banding tools are dependable. With our manual strapping tools that your packages will stay secure, even during tough transit processes, minimizing the risk of damage. Being cost-effective is crucial for businesses, therefore, we price of manual strapping tool is extremly low. Our heavy-duty manual strapping tools options work for all kinds of uses, like industry and shipping

Comparison of manual strapping tools

Product Description Advantages Disadvantages
A3 Steel Strapping Tool
  • Manual Sealless Combination Strapping Tool for 13-19mm steel straps.
  • Eliminates the need for additional buckets/seals.
  • Securely ties heavy/sharp products for safe transport/storage. For 12.7-19mm width, 0.38-0.7mm thick steel straps. Weighs 3.9kg. Includes 1x tool and accessories.
  • Saves material costs.
  • Secures heavy/sharp items.
  • Enhances storage space.
  • Requires protective gear.
BO-51 Strapping Tools
  • BO-51 Manual Sealless Steel Strapping Tools, 13-20mm width.
  • Durable for professional use.
  • Eliminates metal seals.
  • Ergonomic design reduces fatigue.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Ensures tight strapping for safety.
  •  Ideal for bundling, shipping, etc.
  • Durable, reliable choice.
  •  Quick, hassle-free strapping.
  • Ergonomic design reduces fatigue.
  • Versatile applications.
  • Portable and lightweight.
Textile/Corded Tools
  • Manual tools for 13-50mm wide textile/composite straps.
  • Three size options available.
  •  Securely strap different widths.
  • Suitable for various strapping needs.
  •  Versatile, fits different straps.
  •  Secure strapping for varied widths.
Manual 3 in 1 Strapping Tool PPST – 13/16
  • High-quality manual tool for PP strapping.
  • Lightweight at 2.75kg.
  •  3-in-1 design for tensioning, buckling, and cutting.
  •  Durable structure with easy-to-replace parts.
  • Universal tool for packaging boxes and products with 12/13mm or 15/16mm metal buckles.
  • Lightweight and efficient PP strapping tool.
  •  3-in-1 functionality for streamlined use.
  •  Durable structure with simple part replacements.
  •  Universal tool for various packaging tasks.


Utilize our cutting-edge Manual Strapping Tools for smooth packing. Our Manual Strapping Tools will speed up your shipping procedure while assuring secure strapping. Improved productivity and operations are felt. Count on the security of your shipment with our manual strapping tools. We provide a wide selection of affordable, high-quality manual strapping tools for using with textile, steel, and plastic straps. Warranty, prompt delivery, and discounted prices.