Cardboard shredders

Cardboard shredders are the best way to efficiently recycle your old boxes, cardboard, and printouts into valuable packing material for your company. All this process requires is a cardboard shredder. We offer a variety of cardboard shredders available made by the trusted brands HSM and GREE. This line is more than ideal for warehouses, manufacturers, shipping departments, distributions centers, or large businesses.

The investment it cardboard shredder pays for themselves after time. Take a look at the Cardboard shredders we have available today and start saving time and money. HSM Cardboard Shredders are designed for creating perforated cardboard packaging material. For a more heavy-duty shredder that is capable of shredding cardboard check out brand GREE which offers top-line Industrial Shredders and Heavy-duty cardboard shredders.

We offer a wide range of quality but affordable cardboard shredders for Paper and cardboard. On our website, you can find:

  • Heavy-duty shredders
  • Cardboard shredders
  • Paper shredders

Cardboard shredders have warranty and are serviced in Europe. Paper shredders, cardboard shredders, and heavy-duty industrial shredders can be shipped inside the EU or by request to other countries.

  • Cardboard shredder GREE XS 420mm

    Original price was: 1,499€.Current price is: 1,249€.
  • Paper shredder HSM ProfiPack C400

  • Cardboard shredder machine GREE ES 422mm

    Original price was: 3,800€.Current price is: 3,299€.
  • Cardboard shredder HSM ProfiPack P425


Cardboard shredders

cardboard shredder machineDo you want to make eco-friendly packaging material from your cardboard waste? A cardboard shredder or perforator is a sustainable solution to repurpose and recycle corrugated cardboard waste into packaging or void-fill material. These machines pay for themselves and help to reduce the cost of packaging materials and waste hauling.

Reducing transportation costs, compressing material for feeding to existing pressed-waste containers or baling presses, or shredding of material for conveyor belt feeding are good reasons for deploying a cardboard shredder.

If you’re looking for a solution to turning old boxes, cardboards, and printouts into new packaging materials, we have your solution. We carry a variety of cardboard shredders from HSM and GREE to make your cardboard shredding needs simple. This is a great way to both recycle and save some money.

reuse used cardboard boxesHow much does a cardboard shredder cost?

The average price of a reliable cardboard shredder for industrial use is between 2000-5000 EUR.  The price varies between different brands and models and is based on features, security levels, and specifications. Standalone cardboard shredders are usually more expensive than tabletop cardboard shredders.

The price of a paper or cardboard shredder machine can be really cheap, or really expensive. It is all about your preferences and needs. You can get a really cheap shredder for occasionally shredding at home. Or you can invest in a powerful shredding machine for shredding high volumes of confidential documents at the office or cardboard for packaging reuse.

How does cardboard shredder work?

cardboard-shredder mobile machine

Although a shredder for cardboard is not the same as a paper shredder, it does operate in a similar way. The machine’s gearbox, motor, and cutting block work together to cut the cardboard material. The cardboard is transformed into tiny chips, long strips, or perforated sheets, depending on the type of shredder used.

For shredding, the cardboard shredder uses two drive shafts with independent drive units: a slow feeder and a faster shredder that reduces the cardboard boxes to the desired size. Segments made of special tear-proof steel are organized around the shredder rotor so that they are alternately inclined outward and inward. As the shaft turns it creates a whirling motion that ensures the required shredding effect. The large rotors are capable of handling large cardboard boxes without any problems; they can even shred polystyrene and fruit boxes. Furthermore, the feeder and shredder rotors are fitted with a special scraper system that stops the material from becoming wrapped around the shafts and ensures a steady feed.

Cardboard shredder HSM ProfiPack P425 saleBenefits of Cardboard shredders

  • Our range of shredders turn your cardboard waste into an effective void-fill material
  • Save money and reduce your impact on the environment
  • A great and cost-effective alternative to bubble wrap, paper void, and other materials

Save space and money with a cardboard shredder

Light, easy to use, and, most importantly, fully recyclable – cardboard boxes are becoming increasingly popular as packaging material. However, recycling used cardboard boxes can be problematic, not least because the folded cardboard boxes are becoming increasingly large and require a lot of space. Therefore it is useful for packaging manufacturers and service providers to use a special shredding facility to shred cardboard boxes so they can be used again in a packaging process. The GREE and HSM cardboard box compacter are ideal for shredding cardboard and paper. Thanks to its low-maintenance chain drive, wear-resistant tearing segments, and scraper system that was specially designed for this application field, it has high availability and is extremely reliable.

How long does a cardboard shredder last?

cardboard waste perforator

The high demand, particularly for cardboard solutions, creates a logistical challenge: Several tons of cardboard need to be shredded every month. In the past, the flattened waste cardboard came directly out of the production machines without being shredded by a cardboard shredder and was fed into a paper container.

A cardboard shredder can last for years without any problems, but only when you use it properly and maintain it regularly. We recommend always following the instructions and guidelines of the manufacturer from your cardboard shredder. This means for instance that you don’t exceed the maximum sheet capacity per pass and don’t shred materials the shredder can’t handle.