Cardboard baler

Cardboard baler is used for baling cartons, cotton yarn, plastic, wood, and other material which volume needs to be minimized. It is designed as a vertical baler, presser is based on hydraulic transmission. The Cardboard baller has electrical control and manual binding. We offer a recycling baler with a pressure force from 5 tons or 50 kN to 60 tons or 600 KN, the efficiency is 4 ~ 8  pieces per hour. The weight of each pressed piece can weight from 30 kg to 300 kg depending on the material which is pressed.

Cardboard compactors will decrease the costs of recycling materials significantly since the volume of material can be decreased down to 90%. Having a recycling baler is essential for all businesses which produce any kind of waste material. Cardboard balers have ISO, CE, and other needed certificates and are in compliance with all EU standards and regulations. The price of a Cardboard baler varies from a few thousand euros. Vertical baler will drastically decrease the costs of storing waste materials. We offer cheap shipping of Cardboard compactors to all EU countries plus Norway and Switzerland and the best price of recycling baler on the EU market.

  • Textile strap for waste bales 16mm – 340m – 4 units

  • Film and Paper baler machine TONNA T-Portable

    Original price was: 1,600€.Current price is: 1,299€.
  • Film and Paper baler machine HSM V-Press 60

  • TONNA bin press 240L – 2 tons pressing force

    Original price was: 3,600€.Current price is: 2,999€.
  • Paper baler TONNA5, 5 tons, 50kN, bale 40kg

    Original price was: 3,499€.Current price is: 3,199€.
  • TONNA1100 bin press 1100L – 4 ton pressing force

    Original price was: 3,800€.Current price is: 3,199€.
  • Recycling baler TONNA10, 10 tons, 100kN, bale 80kg

    Original price was: 3,999€.Current price is: 3,499€.
  • Vertical cardboard baler HSM V-Press 503 eco 3T, 30KN, bale weight 50kg

  • Cardboard box baler HSM V-Press 504 with bale ejector 4T, 40 kN, bale weight 60kg

  • Vertical baler TONNA20, 20 tons, 200kN, bale 150 kg

  • Vertical baler TONNA25, 25 tons, 250kN, bale 250 kg

    Original price was: 6,999€.Current price is: 6,399€.
  • Cardboard bale recycling HSM V-Press 605 eco (400V) with bale ejector 5.7T, 57 kN, bale weight 70kg

  • Waste baler HSM V-Press 610 eco 12 tons, 120kNm 100kg bales

  • Waste baler TONNA40, 45 tons, 450kN, bale 450 kg

    Original price was: 9,999€.Current price is: 9,499€.
  • Industrial cardboard baler HSM V-Press 818 plus 18,5 tons, 185kN, 200kg bales


About Cardboard baler

recycling balerHere we will answer common questions as to why you need a Cardboard baler, the price range of vertical balers, how the cardboard compactors will help you decrease costs of waste materials plus save space, and what the advantages of balepress are. Cardboard Balers improve efficiency in cardboard recycling and waste handling and are an important tool for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Learn about the benefits, considerations, and how-tos of buying a Cardboard Baler.

Cardboard baler price

Cardboard balerThe price of the Cardboard baler depends on various factors, however, you can expect a return in investment within months when you consider the money saved on waste materials. The prices of cardboard compactors vary from a few thousand euros to ten thousand euros. The price depends on the power of the recycling baler, the number of outputs per hour, and the size of the press space. Also, another key factor is if the compactor baler has a powerful motor and its type.

How does recycling baler work?

recycling baler priceCardboard balers come in all shapes and sizes, but the way they operate is basically the same. The cardboard is loaded evenly into an empty chamber until it is full, the main door is closed, and a hydraulic ram compacts the cardboard into a uniform size of the bale. Once it reaches its desired size and weight, the bale is manually tied by wire or nylon string and ejected from the baler to be hauled away for recycling.

Installment of the Cardboard baler

All you need to do is connect the baler to a compressed air supply and you can start using the vertical baler right away.

Minimize the waste

Fill the recycling baler with cardboard or plastic and close the door. The door handle acts as a safety, only activating once it is securely full.  When all the waste material is in the recycling baler press the handle and the vertical baler will start.

Bale Out of cardboard compactors

When the process of squeezing is complete tie the banding using a loop-knot, open the lower door, and release the bale. You are now ready to start a new bale!

Baled Material

Bales can be stacked and stored your bales until you have enough to have them collected by your local recycler. We create long, vertical bales that can stand freely upright and can be transported using a stacker or forklift.

What types of balers are there?

Cardboard baler priceThere is a cardboard baler for every product, industry, and use. They come in both vertical and horizontal configurations, and range in size from 600mm up to our large 1500mm horizontal baler

Some balers come with casters and can be wheeled through a normal-sized doorway and plugged into a single or three-phase outlet.  Others, like are made in a low profile design to work in areas that have height restrictions.

What are the advantages of recycling baler?

There are many advantages to recycling cardboard, plastic, and other materials.  Here are just a few:

  • Reduce clutter, fire hazards, and vermin in your work area.
  • Reduce the amount of material added to the waste stream and landfills. Some countries are mandating this a new legislation in 2018.
  • Earn additional revenue in recycling for your business.

What is the price of Cardboard Baler?

Recycling baler pricing varies as much as the types of cardboard balers available. Additional options, such as conveyors, add cost to your machine.

New balers will cost more than used balers, but often come with a more comprehensive warranty and will last for years, offering a return on your investment.

It is important to weigh out the purchase price of recycling baler versus the savings which will accumulate because of its usage. Your baler needs to last well beyond the lifespan of the warranty and be relatively maintenance-free during its life cycle.

What is the average lifespan of a recycling baler?

The lifespan of a cardboard baler depends largely on how it was used and maintained over the years. A recycling baler that is loaded properly and has received required periodic maintenance should stand the test of time. Cardboard balers can be used well over 20 years and many over 30 years.