ABC of packing/strapping

ABC of packing/strapping

Packing/strapping  basics

Packaging or otherwise called strap linking is a process in which the strap is used in order to secure the item to a substrate, stabilize it or strengthen it. A strap can be also called a packing belt. Packaging is mainly popular in the manufacturing industry.

Steel strapping/packing

Steel straps are those that are considered under the oldest packaging and bonding materials and at the same time have the highest tensile strength. They are available in different widths and thicknesses, and they differ in quality from one another. They are mainly used for heavy economy, where a high level of endurance is required. The surface of the tape includes paint, paint or wax and zinc and wax. The tape wax is used to better tolerate the tension and to use the tape in pairs with certain types of tensioners. Steel strips are sold by weight and not by length because they shrink and expand during the production process.

Plastic PP strap 12 and 16mm for packing pallets low price high qualityPolypropylene PP strapping/packing

Polypropylene is an economical material designed for medium-length bonding. It is available in different widths, thicknesses, and versions of polypropylenes. An important feature of this tape, which many users do not know, is that the polypropylene straps lose 50% of the elongation voltage after one hour and that the loss of voltage is only accelerated by increasing the temperature. A careful choice of color will inhibit the degradation process of the tape at an outside temperature that is not suitable for it.

Plastic PET strap 12mm, 16mm and 19mm for packing pallets cheapPolyester PET strapping/packing

Plastic polyester and nylon are the most powerful plastic materials for the production of strips and are used in many industries as the first best alternative to the steel strap. Polyester provides excellent tension for rigid loads. The types of tape vary mainly by what kind of purpose it is used. In the cold climate, a strip bound in a hot glue that is weather resistant is used.


The nylon tape has the highest power among all plastic strips, but due to its high price, it is rarely used. In the past, this was very popular, but soon it was replaced by a polyester tape. It is most commonly used in cold rooms, as it does not lie just like other types of plastic.

Composite strapping/packing

Composite tapes incorporate filaments inside. In the industry that protects the load, it is often called “synthetic steel”. It is very resistant to wear.


Woven strips are available in several structures, especially with polyester and rayon. Since the packing system with this type of tape is using a fastener, such a system can offer even greater strength than a steel strip packing. Because the fabric straps are light and soft, they are a safer alternative to steel.

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