Battery Strapping kit | MB620 12-16mm (1/2″- 5/8″) – Battery & Charger – PP strap 12mm or 16mm – dispenser cart


In the battery strapping set you receive:

  • High-quality battery strapping tool MB620 12-16mm (1/2″- 5/8″)
    • Full Touch Display
    • Super light
    • for PET and PP pallet strapping
  • Battery & Charger
  • PP polypropene strap 12mm or 16mm – 1 unit
  • Cart Dispenser suitable for PP/PET strap
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Battery Strapping kit | MB620 12-16mm (1/2″- 5/8″) – Battery & Charger – PP strap 12mm or 16mm – dispenser cart

We prepared a battery strapping set which includes battery strapping tool MB620 12-16mm with battery and charger + PP strap of your choice and dispenser cart for PP/PET band. To see the price of battery strapping kit please select the width of the strap above.

In this plastic banding kit  you get:

  • Battery Strapping Tool MB620 12-16mm (1/2″- 5/8″) for PET/PP Strap
  • Lithium battery and a charger
  • PP strap 12 mm or 15,5mm
  • Dispenser cart for PP or PET strap

Messersi MB620 battery hand tool 12-16mm (1/2" to 5/8") banding tool for PET and PP strap w/ Battery & Charger price
MB620 battery hand tool 12-16mm (1/2″ to 5/8″) + Battery & Charger + PP strap 12mm or 16mm + dispenser

Properties of the hand strapping tool MB620 battery hand tool 12-16mm (1/2″ to 5/8″):

  • Full Touch Display
  • Real-time tension force indicator
  • Three-color information display and acoustic signal
  • Variable tension speed

Pre-programmed touch board with a digital signal to match different task needs instinctually. The lightest rendition amongst a similar class of apparatuses is roughly 3.4 kg. Outfitted with an extraordinary apparatus guaranteeing a simple charge expulsion. A unique rear-end roller configuration is considered to counteract scratches or worn-out damages on strapping items. Owing to the self-adjustable strap it’s anything but difficult to replace guides and wearing parts.

Specifications of battery strapping tool:

Usage:Messersi MB620 battery hand tool 12-16mm (1/2″ to 5/8″) battery strapping tool for PET and PP strap w/ Battery & Charger
Size of the strapping tool:330x150x130 mm
Weight:3.4 Kg (inc. battery)
  1. Fully-automatic battery strapping machine.
  2. Safe and friendly to operate.
  3. Reliable and affordable.
  4. Can be used in a vertical or horizontal position.
  5. Fast charging
  6. Easy to use and lightweight (3.7 kg including battery).
  7. Can be used with PP or PET strapping.
  8. Eliminates the use of metal seals
Strap width:from 12-16mm (1/2″ to 5/8″)
Strap thickness:0.65 – 1.0 mm
Appy straps:PET and PP strap
Seal:high-grade friction weld seal, vibration welding (heating by friction)
Maximum tension force:Max Tension: from 10N – 2500N (9-900lbs)
Battery:Battery 14,8 V /2,0 A Li-Po complies with UN28.3 requirements
Charging time:15-30 minutes – up to 400 strappings

The MB620 battery hand tool 12-16mm (1/2″ to 5/8″) is an all-around tool with a low 3.4kg weight and variable tension speed. It’s usable for most normal PP straps (12 – 16 mm). Furthermore, this battery hand tool convinces by its unlimited versatility, one-hand operation and the basic insertion of the strap.

The battery strapping tool is built to last and to withstand usage in factories or warehouses. If anything happens to this tool, our service technicians are trained to fully repair and source parts for this tool as well as tools from other manufacturers. Service in the EU. MB620 battery hand tool 12-16mm (1/2″ to 5/8″) has one year warranty.

PP polypropene strap 12 or 16mm

Strapping PP polypropene bands enable quick and easy strapping on manual appliances or on semi-automatic or automatic machines or battery strapping tools, which enables you to work at high speed. Strapping bands can be connected by metal or plastic fasteners or by ultrasound or heat welding. One of the advantages of the plastic PP strapping band is its low weight, adaptation to the form of the package, resistance against moisture, and most of the common chemical substances. The plastic PP strap does not corrode.

High-quality PET/PP strap dispenser cart - 405/406Cart Dispenser for PP/PET strap – Industrial Strapping Cart for polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PET)

  • High-quality Cart Dispenser for PP/PET,
  • with wheels,
  • very stable
  • size: 65×48×110cm,
  • the inner diameter 400mm PET/PP strap.



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