Pallet wrapping machine SMARTWRAP X2 with Scale 2000kg


Pallet wrapping machine SMARTWRAP X2 with Scale 2000kg


  • Turntable Size: 1500mm (on request 16500mm, 1800mm, 2000mm, 2200mm, 2400mm)
  • Maximum wrapping height: 2000mm (on request 2400mm, 2700mm)
  • Maximum wrapping weight: 2000 kg
  • Max. wrapping speed: 30 Load /H
  • Turntable speed: 3-12RPM/mins
  • Efficient and precise wrapping with mechanical resistance film carriage and precise tension adjustments
  • Memory function and one-button start for simplified operation
  • Robust design with 4000-ton extruded alloy aluminum column and double chain lifting system
  • Smart control system with three independent chips for reliable operation
  • LED tri-color light which shows machine status during operation and maintenance
  • All-in-one modular assembly for easy installation
  • Knob with physical feedback for easy adjustment of wrapping tension
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Pallet wrapping machine SMARTWRAP X2

The SMARTWRAP X2 Pallet Wrapping Machine with Scale is a quick and easy way to secure your pallets during transportation. The machine features a turntable size of  1500mm (on request 16500mm, 1800mm, 2000mm, 2200mm, 2400mm), suitable for pallets measuring 1.2x1m, and can wrap up to a maximum height of 2000mm (on request 2400mm, 2700mm) with a maximum overhang of 100mm. The maximum pallet weight that the pallet wrapper can accept is 2000 kg with a maximum wrapping speed of 30 loads per hour.

The pre-stretch rate is mechanical stretch and the machine supports a film width of 500mm with a maximum film diameter of 250mm and film paper core of 76 mm. It has a maximum film weight of 15 kg and operates at a power of 1.5KW with a voltage of 220V-240/50/60HZ. SMARTWRAP X2 Pallet wrapping machine’s dimensions are 2600 x 1500 x 2445mm and it weighs 400 kg.

The SMARTWRAP X2 is easy to operate with its English-language HMI and Smart Operation Guide. It features a SMARTWRAP touch screen, a proximity switch from SICK (a German brand), a photoelectric sensor from Autonics, and a position switch from OMRON (Japan). The machine has a turntable with a height of 83 mm from floor level, a thickness of 8 mm, and 10 double roller types. The turntable drive is a chain drive, and the column frame is made of aluminum profiles and steel.

The machine’s film carriage has a safety device under the carriage, a coated rubber pre-stretch roller, an easy connect plug, and an easy film go-through design. The control system includes a smart LED working indicator and an easy-to-use operating interface. The SMARTWRAP X2 is CE-certified and comes with a control system PCB for added safety and efficiency.


Specs of Pallet wrapping machine SMARTWRAP X2

Turntable Size1500mm (on request 16500mm, 1800mm, 2000mm, 2200mm, 2400mm)
Suit For Pallet Siz1.2x1m
Max. wrapping Height2000mm (on request 2400mm, 2700mm)
Max. Over Top100mm
Maximum wrapping weight2000KG
Max. wrapping speed30 Load /H
Turntable speed3-12RPM/mins
Pre-stretch rateMechanical stretch
pre-stretch Type
Film width500mm
Max.Film diameter250mm
Film paper core76mm
max.Film weight15KG
Machine power1.5KW
Machine Size (LxWxH)2600*1500*2445mm
Machine Weight400KG
HMI LanguageEnglish
Control SystemPCB
Touch screenSMARTWRAP
Proximity SwitchSICK (German Brand)
Photo Electric Sensor Autonics(Black sensor optional)
MotorGPG (Taiwan Brand)
Position switchOMRON(JAPAN)
Turntable Turntable height from floor level83mm
Turntable Thickness8mm
Turntable Roller Quantity10pcs
Turntable Roller TypeDouble Rolle
Turntable Drive WayChain Drive
Column FrameAluminum Profiles + Steel
Up & Down Drive WayDouble Chain Drive
Film Carriage
Safety Device Under CarriageYES
Coated Rubber Pre-stretch RollerYES
Easy Connect PlugYES
Easy Film Go Though DesignYES
Operation system
Smart Operation GuideYES
Smart LED Working IndicatorYES
Easy Understanding Operate UIYES


Video of Pallet wrapping machine SMARTWRAP X2


Floor plan of Pallet wrapping machine SMARTWRAP X2

Pallet wrapping machine SMARTWRAP X2 floor plan


Features of Pallet wrapping machine SMARTWRAP X2

A new generation of mechanical resistance film carriage

  1. Knob with physical feedback wrapping tension, it is more convenient to adjust
  2. Grading adjustments to make the film more uniform
Pallet wrapping machine SMARTWRAP X2 with Scale film resistance
Pallet wrapping machine SMARTWRAP X2 with Scale memory function

6 Memory Functions + One Button Start

  1. Six kinds of wrapping memory functions, make parameter setting easier
  2. One button starts – start the pallet wrapping machine conveniently

PCB control system

  1. Three independent chips control, stronger operation and longer life
  2. Integrated circuit system, maintenance is more convenient
Pallet wrapping machine SMARTWRAP X2 with Scale pbc control system
Pallet wrapping machine SMARTWRAP X2 with Scale led indicator

All-in-one alloy Aluminum Column

  1. 4000 tons extruded column, integrally formed, solid and durable
  2. Modular assembly, easy to install
  3. Double chain lifting system, more safety
  4. LED tri-color light – colors are changing based on the machine status


Benefits of Pallet wrapping machine SMARTWRAP X2

  1. Increased efficiency: The SMARTWRAP X2 can wrap up to 30 loads per hour, significantly increasing packaging speed and reducing labor costs.
  2. Customizable wrapping options: The SMARTWRAP X2 allows for customizable packaging options, ensuring a secure and tailored wrapping for all types of goods.
  3. Reliable and sturdy: With a turntable size of 1500mm and a maximum weight capacity of 2000kg, the SMARTWRAP X2 is a reliable and sturdy machine for all types of pallets.
  4. Convenient and easy to use: The SMARTWRAP X2 offers a new generation of mechanical resistance film carriage, a knob with physical feedback wrapping tension, and grading adjustments to make the film more uniform. Additionally, the machine has six memory functions and a one-button start for easy operation.
  5. Durable construction: The SMARTWRAP X2 features an all-in-one alloy aluminum column, a double chain lifting system, and a LED tri-color light that changes colors based on the machine’s status, ensuring a long-lasting and durable machine.
  6. Safe and secure: The SMARTWRAP X2 offers a photoelectric sensor that detects the height of the cargo, a proximity switch from a reputable German brand, and a coated rubber pre-stretch roller, providing a safe and secure packaging process.
  7. Convenient maintenance: The SMARTWRAP X2’s PCB control system has three independent chips for stronger operation and longer life. The machine’s integrated circuit system also makes maintenance more convenient.
  8. Space-saving design: The SMARTWRAP X2 has a compact design with a machine size of 2600 x 1500 x 2445mm, making it easy to fit into any workspace without taking up too much room.


How to use pallet wrapping machine SMARTWRAP X2

The SMARTWRAP X2 wrapping machine offers a streamlined and efficient workflow that can be completed by one operator. Here is a description of the operation process:

  1. The goods are transported by forklift to the Smartwrap X2 wrapping machine and placed on the turntable. The film is then manually attached to the first surface of the goods using the instructions provided in the user manual.

  2. Once the goods are in position, the operator can start the wrapping machine. The turntable will begin to rotate from its initial position, and the film carriage will release the film in sync with the turntable’s speed. The film will be wrapped around the goods as they rotate on the turntable.

  3. The SMARTWRAP X2 offers customizable packaging options for different goods. After wrapping a certain number of turns at the bottom of the cargo, the film will start to rise. The film carriage, turntable, and film release work together to achieve a complete and secure packaging for the goods.

  4. When the film is wrapped around the top of the cargo, the photoelectric sensor will detect the height of the cargo. The film carriage will then begin to descend after the top is wrapped.

  5. Once the film carriage has lowered to the bottom, the turntable will start to decelerate. The SMARTWRAP X2 will stop automatically once the bottom wrapping is completed.

  6. Finally, the film will be cut and the wrapping process will be complete. The SMARTWRAP X2 will be in a standby state, ready for the next pallet to be wrapped.

Pallet wrapping machine SMARTWRAP X2 workflow Pallet wrapping machine SMARTWRAP X2 workflow


Pallet wrapping machine SMARTWRAP X2 – Ramp configuration

The ramp is available as an option to suit specific customer needs.

Pallet wrapping machine SMARTWRAP X2 with ramp



Pallet wrapping machine SMARTWRAP X2 will greatly improve your packaging efficiency, reduce labor costs, and increase the safety of your workers. If you are interested in purchasing the pallet wrapper SMARTWRAP X2 or have any questions, don’t hesitate to place an order or request a quote, please fill out the inquiry form on our website or contact our sales representatives. We will respond promptly to your inquiry and provide you with all the information that you need to make an informed decision.


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