What is the difference between packing with plastic and steel strap?

What is the difference between packing with plastic and steel strap?

What is the difference between packing with plastic and steel strap?

Packaging with plastic tape

When plastic (PP) polypropylene strap and (PET) polyester strap was invented and used for packaging, they almost completely replaced the steel strap packing. In particular, it was replaced where there was no substitute for packing with a steel band. With the development of plastic strips, the possibilities for a better and more efficient packaging have increased. The differences between these two are described below.

Battery strapping tool TES set PP strap + dispenser + battery + chargerThe essential difference between steel and plastic tape

Elongation is not a key feature of the steel strip. In contrast, the plastic tape has a greater elongation at a certain interval. A key feature of the plastic tape is its ability to return back to its original shape. After we have carried out some tension, the question is, to what extent can the tape from the elongated shape return to its original origin?

Wood loading is a good example of the transition to use from steel to plastic packaging. It is true that, in this case, the steel strap is more effective, since it has higher sustainable power in securing heavier loads, but the plastic tape is the one that quickly returns to its original shape after it has been pulled out. For this reason, which also represents the key difference between one and the other tape, the latter tape would be more effective for the above example. Taking into account the property of elasticity, therefore, the load as wood is more suitable for packaging with plastic tape. Namely, it has a greater possibility of adjusting the elasticity than a steel strip, the characteristic of which is elasticity, which does not include the possibility of extreme elongation and returns to its original shape. To summarize above, the steel strip is more susceptible to tearing down and becoming loose when transporting goods. In this case, the goods remain unprotected. It is true that steel strips can withstand more weight, but in many cases, the elasticity of the tape is a more important factor than the plastic tape.

The transition from steel to plastic strapping

Packaging with plastic tapes do not have such a long historical tradition as it is packed with steel. With the development of technology, this transition is becoming ever faster. Thus, in view of the production of more modern tools and the discovery of new packaging options, the plastic tape will completely outgrow the steel in a short time. Most leading manufacturers recognize that the transition from one tape to another is inevitable today.

Understanding elongation, tension, and recovery possibilities

To understand the above words, it is necessary to understand the conditions for using the straps. The tension of the tape is reflected when we drag it or perform a certain pressure on it. When it is stretched to a certain point, it begins to lengthen and stretch. Once delved, the only question is whether it will return to its original form. The ability of the elasticity of the tape is reflected by the highest possible point of expansion, from which the tape can still recover and not lose its shape (this is also referred to as the working area of the tape, or otherwise said the range of stamina endurance).

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The working area of the tape varies considerably from strip to strip. It shows the best performance when using a single tape. It shows the highest voltage potential, where the elongation of the tape is maximum. At the same time, the elongation is still sufficient so that the tape returns to its original shape.

Learn more about returning the plastic PET and PP strap to the original shape (elasticity)

The possibility of returning to the original shape depends mainly on the material from which the tape is made, the size of the tension that is being applied to it and the lengths of this voltage. If it’s a short-lived voltage, the tape recovery option is much larger. For a longer period of time, then, on the tape, we execute the voltage, the smaller the possibility of restoring it back to the initial state. Here is one of the best candidates (ie those who, after a long time of tension, obtain the original shape the fastest), a straight plastic pocket tape.

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