Battery Strapping Set | TES Plus 16-19mm (5/8″ to 6/8″) – 2 Batteries & Charger – PET strap 15,5mm or 19mm – PET/PP dispenser cart


In the battery strapping set you receive:

  • High-quality battery strapping tool TES Plus 15,5-19mm (5/8″ to 6/8″)
    • Adjustable tension force: 400N-5000N
    • high-grade friction weld seal
    • for PET and PP pallet strapping
  • Two Batteries & Charger
    • 14.4V Li-ion battery for up to 220 seals
  • PET polyester strap 15,5mm or 19mm (Ø406mm) – 1 unit
  • Cart Dispenser suitable for PP/PET strap
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We prepared battery strapping set which includes battery strapping tool TES Plus 16-19mm with two batteries and charger + PET strap of your choice (Ø406mm) and dispenser cart for PP/PET band. Please select one of the following widths of PET strap above:

  • 15,5×0,7mm/1750m
  • 19×1,0mm/1000m

TES Plus 16-19mm (5/8" to 6/8") battery strapping tool for PET and PP strapBattery Strapping Set | TES Plus 16-19mm (5/8″ to 6/8″) – 2 Batteries & Charger

Battery strapping tool TES Plus 16-19mm is a durable, affordable, lightweight and powerful tool to have around. It’s designed to be used with one hand, the bander is highly customizable and can be ordered to fit 16-19mm or 5/8″ to 6/8″ wide polyester (PET) or polypropylene (PP) strapping. The strapping tension is customizable and can be set from 400 to 5000N (13.5 to 900 lbs). The appropriate tension ensures ideal load security. Complete with a 14.4V Li-ion battery with 90 minute recharging time. The battery lasts for up to 220 seals. Battery strapping tool TES Plus 16-19mm is widely used in the paper, aluminum, textile, steel, logistics, farm, chemical, metal industries. Battery strapping tool TES Plus has a lightweight body and it is easy to use. The strapping machine doesn’t use fasteners but instead using friction hot melt. The strapping device is beautiful and strong. With battery strapping tool you will automate operations and speed up packing activities.

Usage:Battery strapping tool TES Plus 16-19mm is widely used in the paper, aluminum, textile, steel, logistics, farm, chemical, metal industries.
Size of the strapping tool:345 x 110 x 155 mm
Weight:4,3 kg
Features:1. lightweight body and easy to use.
2. Without fasteners, using friction hot melt, the interface is beautiful and strong.
3. High degree of automation, simple operation and easy to understand.
4.Easy to move, for a variety of venues,the various size of the package can be applied.
5. The body and components are made of high-strength alloy materials and engineering plastics, which is durable in use.
6. High safety performance.
Strap width:from 16 to 19 mm
Strap thickness:0.5 – 1.2 mm
Appy straps:PET and PP strap
Seal:high-grade friction weld seal
Maximum tension force:400-5000N
Battery:Two batteries per set ( 14.8V-4000mAh 59.2Wh )
Charger:110 – 240V – 50-60Hz   DC12.6V=4,0Ah
Charging time:90 minutes – 150 and 220 seals


Plastic PET strap 12mm, 16mm and 19mm for packing palletsPET polyester strap 15,5mm or 19mm – Ø406mm

PET polyester band is efficient and economic security for parcels and pallets. A light, flexible and non-rusting strapping tape that keeps products secure.  Plastic PET polyester band can be used for manual strapping or for battery strapping. PET strap is the best alternative to steel strapping and is especially used for medium-heavy to heavy applications. When compared with steel strapping, PET strapping has many advantages. For instance, PET strap does not rust, is quicker to process and is inexpensive. This sort of strapping is also suitable for ‘active’ loads, such as loads that expand or contract during transport due to varying temperatures and moisture content. PET strap also has advantages over PP strap: PET strap can stretch up to 7% without losing its elasticity, thus preserving strap rigidity. Temperatures of 60°C are not unusual in the transportation industry. This can make PP strap contract or expand and lose its rigidity. PET strap, on the other hand, can withstand temperatures of up to 75°C without losing its characteristics. The most commonly used PET band has the core of 406mm.

High-quality PET/PP strap dispenser cart - 405/406Cart Dispenser for PP/PET strap – Industrial Strapping Cart for polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PET)

  • High-quality Cart Dispenser for PP/PET,
  • with wheels,
  • very stable with a total weight around 28kg,
  • size: 65×48×110cm,
  • inner diameter 400mm PET/PP strap.

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15,5×0,7mm/1750m, 19×1,0mm/1000m