Recycling baler TONNA10


Recycling baler TONNA10


  • Affordable & low maintenance Recycling baler TONNA10
  • Pressure: 10 tons
  • Motor: 3 KW Single Oil cylinder
  • Bale Size: 600mm X 400mm (L X W)
  • Bail Weight: 30-80kg
  • Output: 6-8package/hours
  • Machinesize: 1.6m*0.8m*2.8m
  • Easy to use and simple to install
  • Description


Recycling baler TONNA10

recycling balerRecycling baler TONNA10 has been widely used for baling cartons, cotton yarn, plastic, wood, etc. The vertical hydraulic press is the most efficient way of how to reduce the cost of waste material for removal or safe storage space. Cardboard baler is designed as a vertical structure, press is done by hydraulic transmission. Recycling baler TONNA10 produces 10 tons of pressure. The operator controls the cardboard baler with electrical control. When the process of squeezing is done the operator needs to manually bind the output with a wire or plastic strap. The size of the bail is 600mm X 400mm (L X W) and can weigh up to 80kg, depends on the materials placed in the Recycling baler. The recycling baler can produce between 6-8package per hour. Dimensions of cardboard compactors TONNA10 are 1.6m*0.8m*2.8m (L x W x H) and the vertical baler weights 550kg. We offer fast EU delivery and a 12-month warranty in all EU countries.

recycling baler price

What is the price of the Recycling baler TONNA10

Cardboard baler TONNA10 is made of high-quality materials, it has a powerful 3 KW Single Oil cylinder motor, which produces 10 tons of pressure which can easily squeeze plastic, wood, paper, glass, and other waste materials. The price of Cardboard baler TONNA10 is still very competitive. The price of the Recycling baler TONNA10 is displayed at the beginning of the webpage. We can say that it is the cheapest cardboard compactors with these characteristics on the EU market. However, the price of the Recycling baler TONNA10 does not reflect the quality. Despite it is affordable, the vertical baler is made out of high-quality metal and strong and reliable components. Recycling baler TONNA10 has all needed certificates, and even exceeds industry standards and requirements.

Main Features of cardboard compactors TONNA10

  • Affordable & low maintenance Recycling baler TONNA10
  • Pressure: 10 tons
  • Motor: 3 KW Single Oil cylinder
  • Bale Size: 600mm X 400mm (L X W)
  • Bail Weight: 70-80kg
  • Output: 6-8package/hours
  • Machine size: 1.6m*0.8m*2.8m
  • Easy to use and simple to install

Advantages of vertical baler TONNA10

  • Adopting a hydraulic drive mechanism
  • Use less energy, but still has huge operating energy – pressure
  • Electric button control, it can reach manual adjusting and semi-automatic control
  • Independent feeding opening with automatic pulling out installation, to reduce labor force
  • Vertical baler TONNA10 is mainly used for baling cartons, cotton yarn, plastic, wood, etc.
  • Cardboard compactors are designed as a vertical structure, have a hydraulic transmission and electrical control. Binding is manual

Transport of Recycling baler TONNA10

The recycling baler can be easily moved by a stacker or forklift. Transport can be done by van or LKW. Cardboard baler is placed in the wooden box horizontally, therefore, it can easily go into production halls or warehouses even with lower doors. In the image you can see how the recycling baler TONNA10 is packed:
Cardboard baler price

Specification of Recycling baler TONNA10

Motor3 KW
Bale Size600 x 400 (L X W)
Bale Weight30-80kg
Output6-8 package/hours
Weight of the Cardboard baler550kgs
Machine size2.82×0.76×1.74m
Voltage220v 60hz 3 phase


How does the Cardboard baler TONNA10 work?

Cardboard balerInstallment of the vertical baler TONNA10 is fairly simple. Basically, all you need to do is connect the air pressure and plug the electricity and you are ready to go. The first step after the cardboard baler is installed is to pull the squeeing hammer up, so space, where you will put waste material, is empty. This can be done simply by moving the handle. Then you need to put the waste material inside the cardboard baler. You can fill the vertical baler with plastic, wood, cardboard, paper, glass, and also other waste materials. Fill it to the edge of the Cardboard baler. Then press the handle and the hydraulic hammer will start moving down and squeezing the waster material with pressure. The squeezing process can take a couple of minutes. When the squeezing is over, move the handle and bring the hammer up. Because of the pressure, the material will be squeezed in the bale which needs to be manually bound with wire or strap. When the bale is bounded open the door of the recycling baler and remove the bale by hands or forklift.

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