TES 12-16mm (1/2″-5/8″) battery strapping tool for PET strap incl. 2 Batteries & Charger


  • Affordable & low maintenance
  • Ergonomic – low weight
  • For up to 220 straps with one charge
  • 12 months’ warranty
  • For PET straps 12-16mm
  • Easy to use and simple to be adjusted
  • Battery strapping tool + 2 batteries + charger
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TES 12-16mm (1/2″-5/8″) battery strapping tool for PET strap incl. 2 Batteries & Charger

Battery strapping banding tool TES PP PET 12-16mm cheapThe battery banding strapping tool TES can be used for PET straps which are 12-16 mm wide. The battery strapping tool is an affordable, lightweight and powerful tool to have around. This banding strapping machine is designed to be used with one hand and it is one of the lightest in this category of battery banding tools. The bander is highly customizable and can fit 12-16mm or 1/2″ to 5/8″ wide polyester (PET) strapping. The strapping tension is customizable and can be set to up to 2800 N (630 lbs). This battery strapping tool comes with 2 batteries and a charger so you are able to get your bundling process started as soon as the package arrives. The additional 12-volt battery allows for continuous working when one is charging, resulting in zero downtime. The maneuverability and ease of operation with this battery strapping tool will allow you to use it for vertical and horizontal strapping. This battery banding tool is also designed to deliver a high-grade friction weld seal. It has a 12-month warranty and service is available only in the European Union.


What is the price of battery strapping tool?

Battery strapping tool TES 12-16mmis one of the cheapest battery strapping tools out there. However, the price does not reflect on the quality. Despite it being affordable, the banding tool is made out of high-quality hard plastic and it has implemented the latest welding technology. The tension force can be adjustable and with the banding tool, you receive two batteries.


Where to use battery strapping tool?

The battery banding strapping tool TES 12-16mm is a very affordable tool, its value is easily reflected when it is introduced into the packaging processes of any industry. It eases into the workflow and helps double, even sometimes triple the efficiency of its users. With the battery trapping tool, wires are eliminated from the workflow. This reduces any occurrence of accidents in the factory or warehouse. There is no need for worry of tripping over wires and the need for cable management. The battery banding strapping tool TES 12-16mm uses a battery as the name implies comes with two batteries as stated earlier. This allows a seamless workflow. There is no need for stopping the workflow to charge the battery, while one of the batteries are being used the other can be charged simultaneously. This battery banding strapping tool TES 12-16mm has been built to be very rugged to withstand falls, scratches, and every heavy-duty handling and use it might encounter during its use.

Battery strapping tool TES 12-16mm (1/2″ to 5/8″) is widely used in the paper, aluminum, textile, steel, logistics, farm, chemical, metal industries. Battery strapping tool TES has a lightweight body and it is easy to use. The strapping machine doesn’t use fasteners but instead, it uses a friction hot weld. The strapping device is beautiful and strong. With the battery strapping tool, you will be able to automate operations and speed up packing activities. The banding strapping machine TES has a high degree of automation, simple operation and it is easy to understand. The body of battery strapping machine is made of high-strength alloy materials and engineering plastics, which is durable in use. The strapping machine is easy to move and can be used on the various sizes of packages.


Specification of battery banding tool TES 12-16mm:

Usage:Battery strapping tool TES 12-16mm is widely used in the paper, aluminum, textile, steel, logistics, farm, chemical, metal industries.
Size of the strapping tool:340 x 130 x 120 mm
Weight:3,16 kg
Features:1. Lightweight body and easy to use.
2. Without fasteners, using friction hot melt, the interface is beautiful and strong.
3. High degree of automation, simple operation and easy to understand.
4. Easy to move, for a variety of venues, the various size of the package can be applied.
5. The body and components are made of high-strength alloy materials and engineering plastics, which is durable in use.
6. High safety performance.
Strap width:from 12 to 16 mm (1/2” – 5/8”)
Strap thickness:0.7
Appy straps:PET
Seal:high-grade friction weld seal
Maximum tension force:2800N
Battery:Two batteries per set ( lithium battery 4.0Aih 12VCD )
Charger:100V -245 CAC-50-60HZ DC12.6V=4.0A
Charging time:90 minutes – 150 and 220 seals


How does the battery banding tool work?

The Ergonomic and rugged design of this friction weld, battery powered, hand strapping tool helps provide maximum operator comfort during use. It is easy to operate and its single-handed operation allows for flexibility during use. A single thumb pressing operates the tool, with tensioning and sealing at the touch of the button. Put the PET strap with the stipulated width around the package then overlap the straps with the lead end on the bottom and hold the strap in your left hand, after making sure the strap is clean and oil-free, squeeze the release lever and insert the strap in the tool while making sure they are overlapped and aligned against the strap guides. Adjustable strapping and adjustable sealing time allows individual free reign in setting the machine for the different strap types available. For the semi-automatic strap press, the tension butting to start tensioning, when the desired tension is reached the button is pressed again to initiate welding when this is done the tool then cools the strap and cuts it. In the automatic version, strap tension adjustment can be easily done by the simple turn of a dial. That is all that is needed, and at the push of a button, the machine tensions, seals and cuts the strips. The appropriate tension ensures ideal load security. Complete with a 4000mAh  Li-ion battery with 90-minute recharging time. The battery lasts for up to 220 seals. But since you receive two batteries with battery strapping tool, the strapping tool can be al the time in use.  The battery strapping tool is built to last and to withstand the usage in factory or warehouses. The battery strapping tool has a one-year warranty and it is serviced in the European Union.


Battery strapping tool for PET strap TES 12-16mm video

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Weight3 kg