Best Practice for Packaging and Industrial Strapping

Best Practice for Packaging and Industrial Strapping

Best Practice Packaging

For each distributor, customer satisfaction must always be the first priority. This is considered to be the fact that what the customer orders, he also gets. If the latter does not materialize, this is often due to poor packaging practices or improper storage. Thus, tracking and maintaining packing standards is an important element in achieving customer satisfaction. Taking into account good practices, you will reduce costs, prevent various injuries and other disadvantages.

Battery strapping banding tool TES PP PET 12-16mm cheapHow to increase production when packing/strapping?

When companies in anyway automize packing/strapping activity, they speed up packing and reduce the time which is needed for packing. Usually, semi/automatic packing can be faster by at least 300%. Additionally, automatic packing it usually safer and employee friendlier. If you are packing boxes, the best way to speed up the packing is by using HIPO semi-automatic packing machine, which automatically straps the boxes with PP strap. For pallet strapping, we suggest COMBO semi-automatic strapping machine or battery strapping tools, which can be also used for boxes/packages.

The packaging of basic products

If the basic products are not packaged in boxes, they must not be packaged in the usual way. In the event that the product has a container with an opening showing the contents of the package, this opening must be adequately protected by a protective plastic. This is necessary because the carton packaging breaks down while transporting, and dust particles are generated which can hurt the products. Exposure protection is essential to ensure that the product as a whole comes to the customer to ensure its satisfaction. Products such as clothing should be packaged in plastic bags, where each unit is packaged in its own bag.

COMBO Pallet Semi-automatic Strapping Machine price new PP strap 9-19mmInternal packaging

When talking about internal packaging (storing the product inside the main body), it is wise to use solid cardboard that allows better handling of packaged products in the warehouse. The suitability of packaging also depends on the product specification, so before packing it is worthwhile to consider how weight, size and other product features can affect the quality of the packaging.

Packaging materials and additional protection

Each distributor is responsible for sending the goods to reach their destination intact. For this reason, it is important for him to pay special attention to the packaging and storage of products. In the case of glass products, the distributor must ensure that these boxes are separated by means of manifolds in between the boxes and thus are not damaged or distorted during transport. If the items are fragile, they need to be individually packed in boxes, etc… For additional protection, you can also make sure that you fill the empty space in boxes with paper, cardboard or other fillers, which must be of non-aggressive materials.

Proper packing that follows the standards makes it possible for you to be more credible in the eyes of your customers, and at the same time, the cost product damage is much lower.


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