Industrial packing/strapping

ABC of packing/strapping

Packing/strapping  basics

Packaging or otherwise called strap linking is a process in which the strap is used in order to secure the item to a substrate, stabilize it or strengthen it. A strap can be also called a packing belt. Packaging is mainly popular in the manufacturing industry.

Steel strapping/packing

Steel straps are those that are considered under the oldest packaging and bonding materials and at the same time have the highest tensile strength. They are available in different widths and thicknesses, and...

Best Practice for Packaging and Industrial Strapping

Best Practice Packaging

For each distributor, customer satisfaction must always be the first priority. This is considered to be the fact that what the customer orders, he also gets. If the latter does not materialize, this is often due to poor packaging practices or improper storage. Thus, tracking and maintaining packing standards is an important element in achieving customer satisfaction. Taking into account good practices, you will reduce costs, prevent various injuries and other disadvantages.

How to increase production when packing/strapping?

When companies...

10 tips on how to save money on packaging and strapping

Industrial packaging and strapping - how to pack cheap?

Industrial packaging is just as important as the product itself within the package. Its purpose is to facilitate the transfer of products to stores. It also enables faster product recognition. The most important feature of the industrial packaging is the protection of the product. Therefore, it must be coordinated with the purpose and storage environment. It is important that industrial packaging meets all or any of the following criteria: It must be...

What is the difference between packing with plastic and steel strap?

Packaging with plastic tape

When plastic (PP) polypropylene strap and (PET) polyester strap was invented and used for packaging, they almost completely replaced the steel strap packing. In particular, it was replaced where there was no substitute for packing with a steel band. With the development of plastic strips, the possibilities for a better and more efficient packaging have increased. The differences between these two are described below.

The essential difference between steel and plastic tape

Elongation is not a key feature of...

All you need to know about packaging

Packaging or strapping products is one of the most commonly used means of combining products in the packaging industry. There are several types of packing materials for bonding, which is most useful in environments such as: attaching items to pallets, crates ... ensuring uniform loading and packing of glass, wood and metal parts closing boxes and packages reinforcement of wooden boxes, crates or boxes of other materials secure items Steel is the strongest and has the highest tensile strength, therefore the...

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